Why You Need to Straighten Up – Tips for Better Posture


Good posture

All of you will be hearing this “sit straight” and “don’t walk in clumsy manner” since your childhood. Why do you hear all this again and again? It’s because to adopt a good posture. You need to straighten up your back and shoulders to look good and to feel more comfortable and confident. Many exercises are used to obtain a better body posture. A bad attitude will ruin your bones joints density and makes it weaker.

Tips to get better posture

Sit straight it will help you to straighten your back, which ultimately helps in obtaining a better position. A bad attitude will get you in trouble, which means you start facing back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc. You can get the best ortho specialist in chennai. You can also get better posture by doing various exercises like stretching, doing yoga, or going to the gym, etc.

Today we might ignore the fact that how a better post plays a vital role in our life. But later we may regret it. It’s better to take actions today somewhat regretting later. Shoulder and back position are critical to look and feel good for the upper body, while Knee and hips are essential for the lower body. Using a wall for correcting the posture is very helpful as you don’t need any amount and is a straightforward process. Just stand straight in front of the wall facing your back towards the wall. Touch your back head, back shoulder and hips to the wall; your feet should be 3-4 inches away from the wall.

Walk by imagining a book balanced upon your head this will help you to help your head up and your back straight and hips in the proper position.

Improving your sitting position can solve most of the spine issues. While sitting on a chair, make sure to make a 90-degree angle position. Keep your shoulders straight; don’t lean it forward. While seating on the floor, keep your hands below your hips facing your palm downwards. This will give you an idea about your correct position by balancing the weight at the center of your palms.

Try to get a supportive chair for getting good posture that is specially designed for providing proper support to your back. If you can’t find a supportive chair, try a small pillow under your little tail.

Don’t lift heavy objects as it may tend to cause you back, shoulder, and knee problems. You could get the best Best Ortho Doctor in Chennai if there is a need for lifting weights try to use proper lifting position to avoid the damages.

Do neck exercises as in today’s world almost everyone has a smartphone, and we are regularly looking in it which makes our spine strain. Doing neck stretching can relax your neck muscle as well as your upper spine muscles.

Don’t wear heels. Try avoiding wearing heels as it might be right in the sense of fashion, but it affects your posture and makes it look bad.

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