Which AWS Certification is Highly Recommended in 2021?


As we welcome a new year, looking back it is safe to conclude that, Cloud computing has proven to be the most highly utilized virtual platform in the year of 2020. Working from Home being the “new normal” was an immense boon to digital business development, out which cloud computing consumes a major part. AWS or Amazon Web Services takes up almost half of the world wide Cloud infrastructure market. AWS training comprises of different levels of skills that can be classified as the following:

  • Developer:

The primary functions of a Developer include designing, developing and deploying cloud based solutions for digital businesses with the help of AWS. This is the most basic certification of the lot and can be opted for those to get an overall understanding of Cloud Computing.

  • SysOps Administrator:

The SysOps Administrator holds the responsibilities of maintaining the stability and delivering scalability of a business on AWS. Additionally, they take on the role of providing guidance on AWS practices and ensure data integrity and data security, while monitoring AWS metrics.

  • DevOps Engineer:

As a DevOps Engineer, the main role to be carried out will be to implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS. Automation of security controls, governance processes and defining logging systems on AWS will also be included in this skillset.

  • Solutions Architect Associate:

In the Associate level, the primary functions of a Solutions Architect is to identify and gather information regarding the requirements of the business to build a well-defined solution for smooth running.

  • Solutions Architect Professional:

As a Professional Solutions Architect, in addition to planning and execution of solutions, you are required to come up with ways to further evolve the system and maximizing characteristics such as scalability, security, reliability, durability, and cost effectiveness.

Why choose an AWS Certification in 2021 you ask? Here are some reasons why you may consider opting for AWS:

  • AWS is one of the Fastest growing public cloud on a Global level
  • This skill has been in high demand by top recruiters since 2015
  • There is an increase in cloud migration to AWS by commercial enterprises
  • AWS training is affordable and highly knowledgeable
  • Careers with AWS pay Top Money

It is always a smart choice to pick a career path under the IT sector as the advancement of technology brings with it the constant demand for skilled professionals in the field. In the year 2021, if you are looking to further develop your skills under the IT sector you can start with the basics by opting for the AWS Developer certification. However, if you are already a part of the field and wish to widen your knowledge further, it is highly recommended to choose the AWS Solutions Architect at the Associate or Professional level.

The AWS Solutions Architect- Associate and Professional Certifications is projected to be the most pursued cloud certification this year. Being considered under “15 of the Most Highly paid jobs” AWS Solutions Architects proves to be one of the most lucrative and popular Cloud Certifications under IT. This certification is ideal for those who design cloud infrastructures and provide systematic solutions for the same. It is also beneficial if you have a prior knowledge as a Cloud Practitioner and hands-on experience with designing systems on AWS. Get the right guidance for the best AWS Training in Chennai. Dreamsplus Institution provides a wide range of in-demand courses including AWS Certification in Chennai to develop your knowledge and improve your career prospects and set you on the path to success.

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