Wedding portraits – Lesson to learn before your wedding



Photography is an important aspect of any wedding. In general, the photographer make shots of the wedding couples in different ways. One such famous type of taking wedding photography is the wedding portrait. A good portrait wedding photo puts forth a complimenting appearance to the couples against the selected blurred background. This can be achieved by using the set of perfect lens.

The portrait form of photography is the common one used for most weddings today. As time goes on technology has made it possible to even capture images that occur faster than we can see. Apart from the way it captures moods and expressions on someone’s face, it has remained a cheaper and faster way compared to portrait painting. One interesting thing to note though is that experience is what matters in this photography unlike the artist talent in the case of painting.

A great and fine picture will depend on small details that we pay attention to. One such important detail is the light. Light intensity can be modified and given direction as we see fit. Several lights in the studio can be controlled. For instance, main light gives primary focus on the portrait and its normally positioned 45degrees to the right or left of the subject. Fill lights can also be in opposition to main light at a distance. This all aims to give depth and separate the model from the background. Among the different aspects used in a wedding includes wedding sparklers online, wedding photography is also an important one.

However, taking portrait form of wedding photography is not so easy. It involves a lot of efforts. Only a professional and trained wedding photographer is able to take such a portrait wedding photography. Location is also an important aspect to consider while taking this wedding portrait. This is because, in the case of portrait photography, the background should become with something meaningful.


The background you choose should capture the imagination without being distracting. If you don’t find an ideal background, you can take your group to areas that don’t have distracting backgrounds and instead use shallow depths (large aperture) in order to blur the background and create the perfect equation.

Other settings

Just like the location, the settings and the equipment needed for taking the photography is also important. When taking group photographs, it is always advisable to fill your frame with your subjects to the edges. This is important as it reduces the amount of cropping that needs to be done later. With 1.5 or 1.6 crop DSLR you will do well since its crop factor uses the sweet spot of the lens. However, if you are using full frame camera’s you should exercise caution. Since the edges tend to be of poor quality and the fringing quality is low as well. Consequently, it is essential to leave cropping room. Whether you will use flash or not will vary in accordance with how you place your subjects. It is the responsibility of the photographer to take care of all these things in wedding portrait.

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