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Wedding or marriage is very special for the wedding couples, especially for the bride. In general, all brides want to look good on their wedding day. For this reason, brides normally take different measures. They take care of each and everything they wear. Mostly, brides concentrate more on their wedding dress and wedding makeup. This is because these are the things that make them look better on their big day. However, apart from these two factors, there is yet another factor to a concern which is the hairstyle.

Most of the brides wonder, how should I dress up my hair for my wedding? They want to look stylish and fresh and also want to have a latest hairstyle for their wedding. Brides normally want latest trend hairstyles at the same time they want to be elegant enough for their special day. There are certain special hairstyles trends are available for brides that avoid hair fall and looks good for them.

Latest hairstyle trends for brides

Here are some of the latest bride’s hairstyle trends


The polished chignon is the ultimate new bridal hairstyle. Classic, ladylike, and sophisticated, it will complement any wedding gown. The ideal way to do it is with a little bit of height on the top and the crown. It won’t look like you are wearing a wedding bump on your head. This will give a softened look and elegant for the bride. To finish this chignon wearing single hair jewellery is a perfect one.

Intricate bun

This is a variation of the above-said hairstyle. In this type, a portion of the hair is separated before making the big shaped bun. After making the large shape bun, the separated hair is then made into a braid or made smooth based on the bride’s choice and the amount of hair. This hairstyle looks more youthful and very stylish and pretty.

The intricate bun would be wonderful for a youngish bride. After that, attractive hair jewellery is placed on a side of the bun.

Romantic hairstyle

This type of hairstyle is also lovely for most of the brides. A hair with a medium length and a wavy pattern looks good when it is pinned on the back side. Also, leaving the hair loosely in the front and leaving some drape to look like a bob is also a nice one. The remaining hair can be then pulled in the back and pinned. Leaving some amount of hair in the front with a neat combination of hair in the back is a neat hairstyle for the brides.

Don’t forget your bridal hair jewellery

Apart from the different hairstyle trends, the one thing which all the latest bridal hairstyles have in common is that the bridal hair jewellery is worn close to the head. Forgo the tall tiara in favor of a chic jewelled double headband, sparkly hairpins, or a glamorous comb tucked into the side of a bun. You will look every bit the modern and elegant bride.

Hence, try out any of these hairstyles for your wedding day and look more elegant on your big day.

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