Want to Reduce Osteoarthritis Pain – Here are the Other Effects Make You Feel Worse


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The Osteoarthritis is a disabling disease of the joint mostly occur in the knees, hips, hands, and spine. Accordingly, joint pain is the primary symptoms of Osteoarthritis (OA) and it is caused when the cartilage in the affected areas wears away leaving the ends of the bones so exposed so they rub against each other. The tenets of a healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet, and sleep will also help to manage OA, but it can have a ripple of effect- discomfort in one part of the body can cause pains elsewhere in the body. But, this is not only the main cause to worsen your knee pain here are some other factors to watch out for.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease, an inflammatory disease caused by a tick bite, could potentially exacerbate osteoarthritis pain.  Moreover, it can cause a sharp increase in pain and a lot of swelling in the joints; make you feel extra-tired. On this line, some of the symptoms include aching, swelling, or redness in one or more joints especially the knees, fever, headache, and lethargy. So, if the OA pain gets serious due to the Lyme disease, then consult with your partial knee replacement surgeon and rule out all the possibilities all the recommended treatments.

Poor Sleep Increase Pain Sensitivity

Most of the recognized physicians suggest that there is a link between the poor sleep and the way people respond to the pain. Pain itself changes the way the central nervous system works, causing a person to become hypersensitive to pain. This is called central sensitization.

Certain people may react differently to the pain because of central sensitization and they may experience pain as 10 times worse than someone who doesn’t have central sensitization. So, if your mood disorders and poor sleep associated with your knee pain be aware and take the immediate remedy.

Pain from Compensation

People who have osteoarthritis may suffer from the multiple joint pains, especially in feet. In fact, one-quarter of people who have symptomatic knee OA report pain in one foot, and 55 percent report pain in both feet.

This pain from compensation can affect other areas of the body as well. If you have a bad lower back, it puts more stress on the hips, so you have to address the primary problem, the cause of compensation.

Lack of Water

Dry or flushed skin can lead to blood clots, seizures, and other potentially fatal complications. So, chronic dehydration can also be a problem for people with osteoarthritis especially un-hot summer months. So, to function all your muscles and joints you’ve to stay hydrated to avoid worse pain.

How To Ease Osteoarthritis Pain

  • Exercising three times a week keeps your muscles at the top of their game and decreases the chances of your knee ligament surgery and keep the joints flexible.
  • Excess weight can accelerate OA, so maintain a good body weight.
  • An anti-inflammatory diet, such as fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein sources may strengthen your body muscles.


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