Uses of diaries in different field and its benefits


Time is money is a saying we have all heard of. Maintaining and managing the time you have on a work day is a crucial part of how well you can complete the tasks given to you and how efficient are you in getting those tasks done. The efficient planning and organization of the time you and others have is one of the most important activities you can engage in throughout the day. Doing all this requires a resource wherein you can actively record the day’s activities and plan ahead what you need to do. Having a diary at work is one of the best resources you can employ when you want to plan ahead the day’s activities. In this endeavour, diaries which are usually used are manual diaries which are basically bound books in which the person can physically record the activities they will be doing. The second is electronic diaries which can be maintained on a computer and stored digitally. For the manual diary, notebook printing and notebook binding in Sivakasi is a good place to get good quality diaries. For an electronic diary, we can use specialized e-journals or we can have a basic word processor that can do the job just as well.

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Diaries, if maintained properly can be a good resource for maintaining an efficient workforce

Companies nowadays rely on a series of well planned and executed efforts by their staff to maintain a good amount of efficiency in their working processes. This is where maintaining a diary comes into play as the day to day minutiae of the company needs to be meticulously recorded so that whenever any changes to the schedule happen, it doesn’t directly affect the working of the company as a whole. A missed meeting, a late appointment can lead to tasks later in the day to be delayed or not done altogether resulting in a delay to the entire day’s proceedings.  This leads to a loss of efficiency in the company’s working and also to a loss of time and effort in the working of the employee as well. Diary records can also be used to maintain the changes to the scheduling and the tasks appointed so that when these entries are recalled, they can let the company know about the efficiency of working based on the scheduling of appointments and tasks throughout the day. The advantages of diaries used in the workplace are:

  1. Proper scheduling of all activities and meetings for the day.
  2. Maintaining a record of the company’s activities
  3. Mistakes in scheduling can be found out
  4. Workforce efficiency and effectiveness can be maintained
  5. Having a scheduled day can lead to better productivity
  6. Schedules can be corrected in case of rescheduling of activities
  7. Efficiency of work can be monitored and maintained

In this way, a diary, whether it be an electronic or a physical diary, can help maintain an efficiency in work that will benefit the company.

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