The later part of the year is filled with festivals and celebrations all around the world. In the western region, it is all about Halloween and the Christmas. In the East, especially in South East Asia, they celebrate Diwali.

Diwali, also commonly known as Deepawali, Deepavali is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. It is also considered to be one of the famous festivals in the world, as around 800 million people celebrate them in various parts of the world.

Festivals provide the humankind with the work-life balance, as during these times we tend to spend time with friends and families and thereby sharing the happiness all around. Lighting firecrackers is a major thing in this festival and children love to play with the sparklers.

Typical Diwali celebration will be like buying sweets, new clothes and buy crackers online and celebrate happily with friends and families. We brought you some enthralling facts following on about this bewildering festival.

  1. The Diwali even though it is a Hindu festival, is celebrated by Hindus, Muslims, and Christians in India as the theme of this festival is to enjoy the victory of good over the evil forces.
  2. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights, as it brings the light over by destroying the darkness.
  3. Date of this festival is calculated in accordance to the Hindu lunar calendar and by the 15th day of the month of Tamil month “Karthigai”.
  4. The reason for celebrating Diwali differs from tradition to tradition, as the South Indians celebrate in regard to the death of the evil Narakasuran at the hands of Goddess Lakshmi.
  5. The Jains celebrate this mega festival to mark the attainment of moksha by Mahavira. Finally, the North Indian traditions celebrate to mark the return of Lord Rama after a 14 exile.
  6. Sikhs also celebrate this festival since 1577 as the foundation stone of the Golden Temple was laid on the day of Diwali.
  7. This festival is a national holiday in many parts of the world including India, Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, Nepal, Mauritius, Guyana, Singapore, Surinam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Fiji Islands.
  8. Pakistan Hindus celebrate Diwali as it is an optional holiday for them.
  9. Farmers celebrated this festival by thanking their deities for all the harvests they and requesting more prosperous harvesting season in the upcoming year.
  10. People greet others with “Shubham Deepawali” which literally means “Have an auspicious Deepawali”.

Knowing all the above facts about the Diwali festival, we request you to celebrate the same with much Joy, Happiness, and with at most safety.

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