Types of Printing – Techniques and Process Need to Know



Printing services are used by different aspects of people for different purposes. These services are utilized for both personal and professional use. Personal use of printing involves the printing of books, cards, photographs etc. While the professional side of printing involves the printing of business cards, visiting cards, pamphlets, brochures, banners for the organization, notices, notebooks and some other materials.

For both needs, people normally utilize the printing services. Printing services like printing in Sivakasi offer different types of printing services to the customers. Generally, the printing companies and agencies follow different types of printing methods. There are different kinds of printing methods.

Types of printing process

Some types of printing techniques are given below. These different printing techniques and processes are used by the printing presses and companies for the printing process

Digital printing

  • Digital printing is a new and tremendously efficient type of printing.
  • The digital form of printing eliminates the use of film and plates and sends a digital file directly from a computer to the press.
  • The biggest advantage of this printing is it is relatively fast when compared to other printing methods
  • The digital printing makes it convenient for the printing companies and agencies for meeting the deadlines and time restraints.

Electrostatic printing

  • This method of printing is similar to the photocopying method
  • In this method of printing, the color sticks to a printing drum and is fused by heat to paper
  • Electrostatic printing is like the digital printing that it is useful and effective for short printing companies

Offset Lithography

  • This is one of the most popular printing processes used by binding in Sivakasi.
  • In this method of printing, the printing ink is used economically
  • Also, in this method the setup time for the press is limited
  • This process is where ink is offset from metal plates to a rubber cylinder onto the paper.
  • This printing process is an affordable and most common method of printing


  • For the printing that needs the sharpest image, this method of printing is used.
  • In this method, the image feels indented
  • This type of printing is used for expensive and fine stationery like Law firm letterheads


  • This is a printing process that produces a raised image
  • In this printing, a special powder or dust is used to wet the printing ink
  • Then, to fuse the ink and powder heat is applied to form a raised surface.
  • This type of printing is very useful for stationery printing


  • This is nothing but copying and duplicating
  • Most of the printing companies offer this reprographics printing service
  • It takes the original document and makes copies of that

Screen printing

  • In this printing process, the ink is forced through a silk screen to make the print
  • This type of printing is frequently used for non-flat goods printing like printing on clothes, metals etc
  • This printing method is popularly used for making large scale billboards and signage

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