Things to Know About Types of Salt and Its Benefits



Salt has been a vital ingredient to food for a very long time and is the combination of Sodium and Chlorine. It has been considered vital because it alters the taste of food completely and makes it fruitful when added the right amount of quantity. Adding less or more than the right amount may spoil the taste of the food. There have been speculations that high salt intake results in heart attack but no real proof seen towards proving it.

Salt is one among the five basic taste (Salty, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, and Umami), and it stands out because it has an integral part of taste. Salt is a common ingredient consumed by the massive number of beings around the world. There are several different types of Salt available and they provide special benefits as we consume them.

Benefits of Salt and its Varieties:

You would have never realized the benefit of salt while waiting in to get a delicious French fries. Beyond making the French fried delicious, Salt plays a major in supporting our own survival. As mentioned above, the natural combination of sodium and chlorine results in healthy living habits by balancing the fluids in the brain. Across the world, we are using several forms of salts that provide their own benefits to our home and kitchen.

Refined Salt:

One of the most familiar Salt types we come across in our kitchen is the Refined Salt, also known as Table salt. The advantage in Refined Salt is that there is a presence of Iodine in them, which energizes the body. This combination benefits in improving Eye health, Skin and Hair health, Breast Health and more. Refined salt is one type which has constant requirement across the world and Salt exporters in India are the leaders in exporting to this and many such minerals to the world.

Himalayan Pink Salt:

Another type of Salt we have here is the Himalayan Pink Salt which comes from the Pakistan region. As the name suggests, the Salt can be easily identified due to its pink color and the rocky texture. It has small amounts of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. The Salt is naturally harvested with little to no refinement, we can nicely sprinkle onto foods to make the dish really tasteful.

Sea Salt:

Next up is the Sea Salt, the extraction process of this is quite interesting as it is done by the evaporation of Water. It looks similar to the Himalayan Salt type we have discussed above; the difference is that it looks in the crystallized form of Himalayan Salt. Consuming Sea Salt results in positive effects on our immune system, weight loss, muscle cramping and reducing cholesterol levels when mixed with the right amount of water.

Apart from resulting in the benefits of the body, we can utilize the Salt for several other purposes. Common among numerous households are using Salt to preserve food, cleaning dishware & ovens, brightening laundry & removing stains, removing odor from hands and much more.

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