Never mind what field you are in, there is always an underestimated wanderlust present in everyone one of us. Life is not meant to be just 9-5 in the weekday and local outing on the weekdays. You only live once, I only live once and we all live only once or the other way only until someone brings an educated proof of concept. So in order to make the most of this one life, we have brought you some interesting travel ideas to really spice up your wanderlust journey.

Following these spicy travel hacks will bring such a peace and hassle free to our entire journey. We tend to research broadly while planning for our trip but sometime we miss out on the basic things. These basic things put together in perfect executing bring harmony to all of us. This is not going to be the regulation ideas where you see all over the internet but handpicked and advised by people who have travelled more than a dozen countries.

Enable Private Browsing on your Web Browser:

Web developers have interesting protocols to gather your browsing history in the form of cookies (Technical Term) to guess your online movies. Every keyword you search on the web browser public mode gets saved in the browser history and the specific products or travel tickets you have been researching to get cheap rates will be saved in the form or cookies.

Generally this helps them to proactively guess your purchasing mindset and chance are highly likely that they going to price your favorite products to a higher level. So stay out of the radar by having your browser present in private browsing mode. This can be done with browser setting options; it does not require technical expertise. So just go to your browser settings and tick the checkbox for private browsing.

Roll the cloth rather folding to save space:

The next time when you pack your clothes, try this hack and you will get Goosebumps on how much more things you can accommodate. This might be one of the common travel hacks which helps big time in saving space in your travel bag. But I believe there are many who still doing it the wrong all their whole life. This tip definitely requires a shout out as it benefits you and me to make peace with the travel.

Remember you are not going on a business trip to think rolling might wrinkle the cloths and puts in bad shape. As an additional bonus to this tip, you can use tissue paper on the inside of your roll to lessen the wrinkles. If you are so curious about having an ironed cloth, then this will help.

Never under estimate carrying a personalized diary:

If you are regular writer you might well knew the value of carrying a dairy onboard. Yes, there are tons of apps to mark things down but nothing can be compared with your own handwriting notes for travel itineraries. Technology & gadgets are to be used only for our convenience rather not all the time. When you visit a mesmerizing place standing along with your loved one, it wouldn’t be so real if you are just using an electronic gadget to record the moment.

There are tons of personalized diaries available, buy the one which suits your taste. Now simply sit-down on the grass on the foreign land write down how blessed you feel to be in that lovely spot. In the future, when you go through your diary as memories I am confident you will cherish those words explaining your endeavor of a beautiful country.

Download offline maps for easy navigation and save power:

Once after choosing your travel destination the most important thing to do is to get offline maps of the place. When we go out, we tend to click endless snapshots & record videos which drain our battery. So in this scenario, when you have an offline map handy then note you will save lots of power and your precious time. For Google users, follow the below instructions to download a city or country or an island.

  1. Search the place where you are visiting. For ex: Chennai.
  2. Now without navigating anywhere just search for “Ok Maps”.
  3. App will prompt you with a query whether you want to download Chennai for offline navigation.
  4. Click Download and you are done. Now without having to turn on the data you can browse the maps.

Bam, now Google will request whether you want to save a particular place

So make sure you noted these valuable hacks to spice up your travel. Remember tourists sees what the guide shows, but traveler sees what he have come to see. There is a big difference and try to get hold of its deep meaning. Until then break the routine, and do what you love.

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