Risk of social media promotions – Conversions Cost Strategies


ProductEveryone today is hooked with social media. Its dominance in our day to day life cannot be ignored. It is the form of networking sites, forums, blogs, and other means has made a strong foothold in our lives and connects all of us to the entire world.

Another aspect that social media has big times changes the concepts and laws are the ways consumers buy products today and also how companies try to sell their products. Traditional shopping and advertising rules are passé, and everyone – buyers and sellers are turning on to the web to buy and sell products. And this has given rise to a new segment in the marketing world – the social media marketing platform.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more, all manufacturers and companies are turning on social media platforms to advertise their products and services.

Social media today have changed the way we interact and communicate with people. Information can be shared in a split of seconds like never before. But when we are talking of promotions of the social media platform, certain risks come along with the use of technology. In here, we will understand these risks from the marketing perspective:

  • The risk of lack of participation

This generally happens when you lack a proper strategy, which should include appropriate channels, targeted audiences, and of course, the content. Business needs to understand that it takes a little time to grow a community, and there needs to be a buzzword to attract more and more audiences and viewers to come and participate. The more interactive you make, the more success you get. Non-participation happens when your advertisement lies dormant at one corner, and no one is bothered to participate.

  • Possibility of security breaches

Malware, viruses, identity theft, and even brand theft can all happen over social media platforms. You need to ascertain with the level of information that you share online so that the possibilities of using these informations are to the minimal and also against you. If you put up something and be a dormant listener, there are high possibilities that people with join in and participate.

  • Too much emphasis on social media advertisements and neglect others

This is the most significant mistake that many companies do of the modern age. They start relying on their sales through social media advertisements. At times it could be a good move like a book printing and binding or a hard cover binding agency, whose target audience is the student and educational community. But for big players who are into diversified fields, social media advertising should be another way of advertisement for the company along with all other conventional methods.

  • The inability to localize the message out to the target audience

Say, for example, you are featuring your product that is meant for people of a particular group or area and not beyond that. But what if you start getting responses from overseas. This happens when your advert message is not clearly explained to the targeted audience. Neither had it been specified of the services and the area it will serve. These are factors that most of us do overlook while we put add or advertise on the social media platform.

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