Rise of IT industry – High pay jobs of 2017


At the end of the day, Money is one of the most important for a happy life not just in India but everywhere. The speed at which Technology companies are cruising into innovative ideas are incredible. This leads to big amount of opportunities in numerous sector and to its candidates.

Here you can check the information of the highest paid jobs in India. As mentioned earlier, money has been and still continuing to be the vital component for every one of our survival.

Business Analyst

The title says it all, as it requires the associate to have an extended expertise on analyzing the business organizations to supply with solutions to their problems.

If you are at the beginning of your career, then you can consider to become a Business Analyst as it is a good job to start your career. Your value in the organization scales up when you solve the problems it faces.

Technical Writer

As the name suggests, it involves in writing technical content and/or business contents. It requires prior experience as organizations will look for business and technical enthusiasts who are equipped with the industry happenings.

Even being a fresher, you can become technical writer by developing certain skill set that requires for the role. Good communication skills, listening, interviewing, and document skills are the general criteria for a technical writer.


Project Manager

The Project Manager is someone who keeps the ball rolling, he/she possess unique team managing and problem-solving skills. It is one among the highly paid jobs in India, due to the responsibilities of the associate in the role. Numerous industries like Construction, Petrochemical, Architecture, Information, Technology and many others uses this job title.

If you are interested in becoming a project manager and have some initial experience then you can opt for Entry/Medium level training like the PMP training. PMP stands for Project Management Professional teaches you with Team Leadership, Business Partnering, Scalability Interoperability, and more.


The best part of the highly paid job is that, it ensures you have the best job security, satisfaction and eventually a steady career growth. Take a look at the key areas and maximize your skillset on it and get the expected salary.

Considering the amount of schooling and training it requires to become a Doctor or a Lawyer is higher than what it requires to get into IT field. So, choose any of these jobs and target them to land in securing a well-paid job offer without losing your passion.

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