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If you’re reading this article, then we can call you as a job hunter, is it right? But, what kind of job seeker you are? Whether you’re looking for a change of pace from your current job or you just starting out in the workforce. Or else, perhaps you’re just fed up with the things you are going with your career? Just stop everything, it’s time for a change.

Obviously, it doesn’t matter about your career growth, whatever your position may be, you just need to know how to make a resume for a job interview. Well, we are going to show you simple tricks that will help you overhaul your resume and will get you more interviews. Shall we start? Let’s dive into it now!

Why do I Need a Resume?

A resume is typically a short and quick way for a job seeker to introduce themselves to a potential recruiter. It also helps to summarize your skill, accomplishment, and abilities. Here I have a small instance, just read it!

Just imagine, you’re a Hiring Manager and your role is to find the perfect candidate for an open position in your company. What you’ll do now? Absolutely, you have trolled the usual job listings sites, definitely, your response has been overwhelming.  Anyway, all you need is to find a qualified person, but as you look through the piles of paperwork your stomach started to knot up.

While doing this, most of the resumes are filled with sloppy, spelling errors, confusing headings and so on. You’re sleepy, bored and gets frustrated. Suddenly, you had to find out a single resume that’s crisp, clean, clearly written and your qualification is actually on target. At that time, your eyes suddenly snapping open in excitement. You carefully set that resume to the side and marked it as “Interview this one”.

This story clearly figures out how important the resume is! Do you want to be the one with the yellow “Interview this one” sticky? Let’s go through it.

Ways to Freshen up your Resume for 2019:

Follow the rules: It’s not necessary to create a six-page PDF resume for explaining how great you are; your life history with some cool graphics, well-placed pie-chart. The resume is meant to be condensed and highlighted with the summary of your skills and your potential. So, establish your unique identity, tell your career path and pique your potential employee interest.

Pick Professional font: Most professionals are overusing the serif fonts like Times New Roman, instead just give a try of different fonts like Calibri, Georgia, Verdana, Helvetica, which can give your resume a modern look. Once the style has been picked, then focus more on formats and layouts of your resume. Also check font size, spacing, margins, etc.

Think Differently: Your resume will be evaluated by an HR specialist, either way, you’ll want to give them much information in up front. Avoid describing your greatest accomplishments in the bottom half of the first page.

Emphasize Soft Skills: Do some research on the general working environment of the company you’re looking at and determine what soft skills are at the top. While talking about technical skills, JMeter training is at the top core. Get your step ahead with JMeter training in Chennai and advance your skill set.

Keyword Matters: Before applying for a job, make sure you’re including the keywords to stand uniquely among others. Head over to LinkedIn and look at the resumes or job descriptions of people in similar positions.

That’s it! Your resume has been created. Well, it has pictured out yourself as a well-rounded employee and will catch the eye of recruiters and land you to next role in your career.



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