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Personal development

We live in a competitive world today, that is fast paced and passing by us in full speed. One can rarely find time to pause and take a good long look at all that they have achieved, whether they are big or small. The strength and motivation that you give to yourself when you recognize and appreciate your achievements is truly underestimated. Besides, at the end of the day, you are your own Cheerleader and you need all the motivation you can get. All things said, how do you exactly do this to further develop yourself?

One of the simplest ways to motivate yourself, is to record your growth. Most of us would prefer typing, however, the art of writing or penning down your achievements, adds a sense of satisfaction to what you have accomplished and creates an emotional bond. The dreadful year of 2020 is coming to an end, making it this far in itself should be considered a great achievement. Use your 2022 diaries to record your growth so far from the previous year, and also to set goals for the upcoming year.

Here are certain things you can consider while writing your diary or journal, while recoding your progress and achievements, which will help you to build a resilient mindset:

  • Don’t compare yourself with others, but only with yourself from yesterday.
  • Give yourself some time to learn and build opinions on everything.
  • Self-reflect on your actions, behavior and thoughts towards all important matters.
  • Follow people who you look up to, and learn from their knowledge and independence.
  • Allow yourself to be self-sufficient, and make sure to indulge on a relaxing moment every chance you get.
  • Set definite goals or plans, to help you to stay focused on what truly matters most to you.

We have all been through a tough time this year, and having made it so far is truly a blessing and an achievement. Give yourself a pat on the back if you have made it to the end, with the motivation that better days will come. Remind yourself of the smallest achievements you’ve made during this period. You might have learnt to cook for yourself or maybe even tried a new cuisine, helped out a neighbor in need, maybe enrolled yourself in a few online courses, taught your elderly family members how to video call, or finally fold up all those clothes in that huge pile in your room. Whatever it maybe, it deserves to be remembered and appreciated by you.

This New year, get your personalized diaries and make it a habit to record your growth. When you do so, you realize how far you have come, and also know how far you have to go. Focus on what matters to you the most. Focus on your mental wellness, your goals, your physical strength, your knowledge and all your blessings. You can start with small steps to become a better version of yourself for a better tomorrow and learn to have a purpose of living life to it’s fullest, while enjoying and appreciating what life has to offer.

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