Ready to spend money to celebrate your friend’s birthday – Funny ideas


It’s your best friend’s day! You ought to have a grand celebration. Here are some cool and awesome ideas which will make your best friend birthday the best birthday ever.

birthday ideas

Wish them at perfect 12 with some dhamaka!

A best friend is that special idiot in everyone’s life. So the beginning of the birthday should also be remarkable and special. Rather than calling at perfect 12 o’clock, you can wish them in a lightening manner. Burst some crackers just below their room window and shout any phrase which your friend does not love it. After all, you are his or her best friend.

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Make a BFF movie.

Combine all the best memories (including the worst pictures of your best friend too) into a short movie. Add a touch of his or her favorite song to it. This will be a great memory to cherish even after a long span of time.

Give him or her some social promotion too.

Turn on your Facebook and Instagram stories with the images of the good times that you have shared together. Just like a small tribute to the awesomeness of your best friend.

Long distance friendship?

If you and your best friend share a long distance friendship then a sudden video call can prove to be a best surprise for him or her. As we are living in the 21st century, there are various cake shops across the world that take orders for the cake online and delivers them on the doorstep. You can even send a surprise cake to your friend’s doorstep with a stunning design that they would love.

Hidden letters.

This idea is proven to be quite exciting and fun engaging. You can buy some creative papers and pen down some beautiful phrases that you wanted to tell your best friend. The messages can be funny, emotional and touchy or any particular experience or anything which makes his or her day very special and exciting.

Once you are done with writing the messages, you need to hide those notes on the places or things that your best friend visits frequently. Places can be the living room, bedroom and it can be even the bathroom.

The main twist in this is you are not hiding only one note, but you are hiding multiple notes and that too in different places. Imagine the excitement it will give the birthday person for the whole day to explore different notes from the diary, bag, pen, suit pocket, rooms etc.

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