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Paid advertising

Should my business invest in pay-per-click advertising or keep plowing money into costly SEO services? Most of the entrepreneur’s mind is rolled out with this question. They typically want an answer as they attempt to determine whether the paid advertisement is suitable to search marketing option for their respective businesses. Well, the deciding factor of yes or no truly depends on your wide range of considerations. However, in my point of view, you can better use Paid advertising to jumpstart your website’s traffic as well as increase organic search traffic.

So, to determine whether or not the paid advertisement is the right search marketing option for your business, our today’s post is a quick simple review of the pros and cons of paid advertisement. Let’s see.

Google AdWords:

Google is the largest search engine which commanding a huge 67 percent search market share in 2017. So, this is the most popular paid advertising platform because of the volume of traffic it can provide. In AdWords you can only pay when people click on the ads you’re running and hence it tends to be more affordable than traditional advertising models.


Traffic volume– Google commands a huge percentage of search traffic, giving you access to millions of consumers that are actively searching for your product or service.

Top ad positions immediately– There is no waiting game to reach the top position. If you are willing to outbid the competition, your ads can be sitting in the top positions right away.


Clicks can be expensive– You will typically pay a higher cost per click (CPC) on AdWords when compared to other pay-per-click platforms.

Learning curve– AdWords can take some time to fully grasp and users that don’t fully understand how it works will end up paying higher CPCs than other advertisers that have properly optimized their campaigns.

Yahoo! Bing Network:

This is the great platform for advertisers, which give access to the majority of the search market. Yes, search volume via Bing gives you many clicks, conversions and revenue opportunities. This is not to say you will automatically get cheap clicks and huge ROIs, you have to owe it to yourself at least a try. In fact, there is also an opportunity to test ads and websites on a smaller scale and find perfect combinations that deliver a nice CTR.


Lower CPCs– Keywords are much affordable than AdWords-lower CPCs provide a great opportunity to test and copy.

Customer Service marks a lot– You have any queries about your paid campaign, you can easily get someone on the phone. Such a great service for those who are new to the Paid advertising marketing.


Lower search traffic– The search volume is considerably lower when compared to Google AdWords.

Limited growth– Since the search volume is fairly low, it can be hard to grow some campaigns the same way you can on AdWords.

Facebook Ads:

Over 75% of all active Facebook users are active daily, so it is the greatest network that allows you to introduce your product or services to more than 1 billion users. You can even try Twitter because it is considered as a second largest social platform.


Targets more users– Facebook not only shows your ad to the great audience but also granulates which adverts will target which users. So, you can target people who are aware of the need in a subtle way.

You can use Images & Videos– Generally, visual content attracts more attention so you can most probably take advantage of that. To capture your target audience, Facebook allows you to use images and videos, but you have to customize the character length for your ads.


Price- The negative side is that many businesses on Facebook has only limited budgeting options, which makes it difficult to believe in the power of Facebook marketing.

That’s it! To maximize the impact of a Paid campaign for your business, you can contact the best digital marketing services in Chennai, who can help even the smallest advertising budget work harder and smarter.

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