Poor Packaging Can Affect Your Business- How Effective Packaging Skyrocket Your Sales?


Packaging Business

Over the past, packaging hasn’t got the attention as it gets today. During the time, the only thing manufacturers expected was how to put the product in a package and move safely from one place to other. But, today the influence of the product’s package has a huge role in the sales industry. Yes, in today’s scenario packaging isn’t just about the product protection, it’s all about the customer expectations and there is a greater demand for manufacturers to make good packaging decisions.

Why Packaging gets Damaged?

Dameaged Packaging

Damaged packaging takes place in one of two ways,

  • The package was damaged during the fulfillment process
  • The package became damaged by the shipping courier

Generally, packaging encompasses technical activities such as machinery design, graphic design, package development, printing services, package manufacture, binding, distribution, and marketing. If anyone of the activities gets failed, then packaging gets affected. Just take a product hardcover book, if it fails either in hardcover book printing or hard cover book binding, then shoppers aren’t interested in excuses!

Effects that Poor Packaging Affect Your Business

Deter Out Sales

What would the customer be expecting in terms of packaging? Well, here is a small survey. According to research, merely 58% of buyers stated that poor packaging would deter them from buying a product and can increase the risk in loss of sales. So, manufacturers need to be aware of consumer expectations when it comes to poor packaging design, quality and branding.

Brand reputation

Alongside the financial cost of product or packaging damage through loss of sale, brand reputation can also be damaged by poor packaging. Particularly, this is for luxury products where consumers have higher quality expectations for the packaging and product due to the premium price paid. So, flimsy or ill-conceives packaging deter consumers from making a repeat purchase or recommending the brand to others.

Affects Overall User Experience

Poor package design forms a vital part in user experience, increasing both the anticipation and the pleasure of unwrapping a brand-new product to online users. So, poor package design thereby decreases the user experience and can really affect the way your product or brand is perceived.

Failed to get customer Loyalty

The next consequence is even bigger and will have a huge impact on your business beyond cost, customer loyalty. Cheap, ineffective packaging with poor or lackluster design will disappoint customers. These customers will go searching elsewhere, even if it costs them a bit more. Not only that, but through word of mouth, customer dissatisfaction with your packaging will hurt your business. You will lose current customers and new customers will become less frequent. Cutting corners simply doesn’t work.

So, before marketing your new product, you should have to ask some questions like What does a customer expect from a product packaging? Why does a customer get attracted to a certain product due to its packaging? Let’s find out.


Gone are the days when a box or simple packaging would suffice to reach out to the target audience. Today, people prefer a fresh take on packaging deigns. It can be either the design of the package itself, or a humorous way of presenting the product.

How it helps?

  • Enhances the marketing potential of the product and the brand considerably
  • Make your product shareable on social media

Give Stunning Packaging Design

Your product will most probably end up in retail stores as well as online stores. The only way you can beat the competition is by making sure that your product stands out from the crowd. But if you want to shine out, then you need to come up with a stunning packaging design.

How it helps?

  • It should captivate the customer the moment he or she lays eyes on the product
  • Increase the brand’s popularity amongst its competitors

Natural Labels

A modern customer engages and connects easily with natural-appearing labels than artificial, bright designs.

How it helps?

  • Evokes the idea that the product is trustable
  • Enlighten the buying decision of the customers

Creative Long Messages

If you want your product to be conveyed loud and clear, then go with printing some nice messages on the package because that has been on the trends in the last few months.

How it helps?

  • Outlines what exactly the product is all about
  • Creates a temptation to try the product
  • Give Unique Packaging Design

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