Each one of us is very busy in our professional life these days. Due to the increase in competition, there is also an increase in our responsibilities. But due to this increase, we do get confused at times and in order to avoid this confusion of workload the best is to do all our work in planned way. You can make use of planner in order to do the correct planning of the work that you do. There are two kinds of planners that you can use the paper planner and the digital planner. Let us have a look at the various benefits and find out which will work the best for us.

Digital planner allows usage of one for all Reminders, Contacts etc- With the help of the digital dairy, you need not make use of more than one thing in order to record the information. One device will keep an update of all the necessary information that is needed by you. But with the use of paper daily, there can be confusion because each entry and check have to be done manually and it can lead to error. The digital diary allows the integration of address book and the phone book with the help of which it is easy to make calls and recognize all the incoming calls. The information that you store will be available all the time. In the case of loss of information you can get backups with the help of various software but in case you lose your dairy there is no chance of getting back all the lost information. With the help of the use of the digital diary, you will get notification and reminders for all important events. You will now be reminded of the important dates like birthdays, anniversaries etc with the help of personalized diaries.

The paper planner will keep your mind active- It is well said by someone that dependency on the digitalization has made us lazy. We are now depended on the digitalization for every small thing but with the help of the paper planner, you can keep yourself more active and smart. Your mind will stay more alert as you do most things manually with the use of personalized diaries. Doing things manually will make you more planned and allow brainstorming and mapping. In case you make use of the paper planner then there is very less scope of exploring yourself in terms of creativity and expression. In order to keep your mind active it is very important for one to be more independent and less depended on technology.

At last, we can conclude by saying that use of one is harmful but yes extra use and being over depended on one can do no good to you. Make sure that you strike a perfect balance and the usage of personalized diaries. Make use of the digital planner only when most needed and try to keep your mind active and alert with the use of the paper planner.


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