Time management is one of the key areas which will lead to substantial growth. As humans we live in this amazing world, doing day-to-day activities to get to a better position in life and improving the lives of others on a mutual growth mindset. Time, Resource and Knowledge are believed to be the most common things we require in order to progress and achieve a goal.

In order to say mastering a skill set, we regularly work on that skill and as time flies we get better at it with constant practice. As a word of mouth, we have a time range to master a skill set. For example, it will take 5 years to master Karate or some other skill with more or less time duration mentally defined.

But there is no scientifically proven time range present to master a skill. Take a look at the following tips for effectively managing time and producing skyrocketing output in no time.


You will get the best results when you let your mind do specific tasks for a regular time. When you say you want to achieve a certain level of mastery of a particular skill, then allocate few hours of time daily to learn that craft.

In these few hours of time, you should absolutely avoid other interruptions which will minimalize the amount of focus you have on learning. Involving your mind on multiple tasks at the same for a certain period will reduce your productivity results.


The one who can say NO to less important tasks and concentrate more on vital tasks will often see the growth. Say for an example you want to print a thousand books within a week’s time, and then choose the best printing in Sivakasi or in any other similar city where you can get the work done.

You have to research who does the best work and delegate more often rather involving yourself in every single bit of the task. Delegate the tasks to the right person and do other work present in the queue. Running a successful small business depends upon the ability to prioritize wisely and ability to think what’s next to be explored.


To become more productive than your previous self, you have to mutually spend your time in Learning as well as the Practicing what have been learned. When you keep on learning and do less in practice will impact on your performance. At the same time, if you keep on performing the same tasks for a long time without updating yourself to the latest improvements will impact as well. So to manage your time and effort, you have to work on both areas regularly to improvise yourself. Following these will save a huge amount of your time doing the same work with recent improvements. Check out the TED video explaining “How to get better at the things you care about” by doing Learning & Performing mutually.


One who practice a particular skill set regularly with the full concentration towards becomes the master with less time compared to someone who works to learning multiple skill sets at the same time by not giving full focus to either of them. It all boils down to the amount of “Focused Learning” we put into mastering a new skill is what matters.

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