Open Challenge for Chennaites! Do you have guts to Face Fear of Death?




Haunted places

Feeling bored of visiting the top attractions in Chennai? Get in some search of thrilling and offbeat places. Generally, Chennai is known for its professional crowd, lovely shorelines and serene excellence. Likewise, the city is also named for spirituality and literacy, but spirituality meets mystery. Yes, Chennai has such a great amount to offer in terms of haunted stories. These dark corner stories can make your hair stand on their ends.

Believe it or not, Chennai offers a great number of haunted stories like old-age banyan tree, indistinguishable houses, broken scaffold, etc.  Yes, there are some shady places in Chennai which makes the people fear to tread after dark. Keep your horror movies/books apart and have a glimpse of these most haunted places in Chennai and the creepy stories behind them.

Valmiki Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur


It is located 15kms away from the Chennai International Airport and it is considered as the most haunted place in Chennai. Where is it? Well, this house is situated on Dr. Ambedkar road and has been vacant for more than10 years. Because, after the death of the owner’s daughter and she haunted this place totally. More interesting tweak here is, two people who had borrowed this house for investigation, were possessed by her evil spirit.

People who living nearby often hear the cries of that girl along with the hammering sounds of doors all throughout the day. In the midnight, the gates are opening itself when someone passes the house. Even, Google list this place as “haunted” on its map. Would you like to be her guest?

De Monte Colony, Pattinapakkam

demonticolony house

This colony was built by John de Monte, which is situated near St. Mary’s Road and has several vacant bungalows. He was a wealthy businessman, who led an unhappy personal life and leaving behind a darkness long after his death. After his death, this street has no lights; feel deserted and uncanny patterned trees add spookiness to this haunted colony. Many people around this street says that, John walking down the street in dark moonlight. Ready to walk along with him?

Karikattu Kuppam, Muttukaadu


Karikattu Kuppam in Muttukadu, 32km from Chennai was a fishing hamlet filled with more number of small houses, rivers, temples, schools etc. Suddenly, the ruinous Tsunami waves brought a genuine fiasco and wash away this place as broken buildings, scattered footwear, toys and clothes. Many of the fisherman and children over this area has been passed away their life.

These Untimely deaths give rise to unsatisfied soul and they started to wander surprisingly at their death venue. Stated by locals, the soul of an old man and a kid are regular sightings of this place.  The fear of these dual ghost sightings has been increased, many people are terrified beyond their wits to ever visit this place.

Theosophical Society, Besant Nagar


This place is surrounded by big old banyan tree along with numberless house in the woods adds spookiness to this place. However, people visiting this place have complained of ghost-seeing and eerie experiences that have jolted them. Thus, the spooky sounds, apparitions and a sense of eeriness around it makes this place off-limits after dark. Overall, it is a mixed combination is ghost-sighting and mysterious screaming. Are you sure have guts to visit this place at midnight?

Two- Lane East Coast Road, ECR

Ecr Road

People who undergo riding towards this road often seeing an apparition in the middle of the road. It seemed like a white girl standing in front of the road with an arrogant look and sounds filmy. Reason behind this strange scenario is, past few years back a girl was getting accident on this road and her soul wander all over this two-lane road. Damn sure, many cross passers had cold shivered experience on seeing this ghost.

That’s it! we solemnly promise that no amusement park ride will give you as much a thrill as a visit to one of these places. Let’s stop hearing about this place and get ready to explore Chennai like never before. Go ahead and start your journey. Guys, comment your spooky moment with us!

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