Nuts For Kids – Incredible Health Benefits



As you all know that, children hesitate a lot to have foods. It is a real daunting task for parents to feed foods to their kids. Of course, kids would like to have snacks the most while comparing to foods. If that is the case with your kid, then you should give some healthy snacks to your kids. There are parents that give their kids chips, potato fry, puffs and more. The above-mentioned snacks might be tasty, but they cannot provide good health to your kids as all these snacks come under junk category. This is where you should reckon giving some walnuts to your kids.

Nuts are something that will supply limitless health benefits to kids with no doubts. The best part is that kids would not dislike having walnuts and other nuts as they are tasty and semi-crunchy. You can give nuts to your kids at any such time, no matter, either be it morning or evening or in between studies. Nuts will induce the brain growth and be thinking ability in your kids. With no hesitations, you can give nuts to your kids. There are different types of nuts to choose from and each nut is specialized in something and contain a bag of good health.

How Is Nuts Useful For Kids?

Yes, parents will have this question in the back of their mind. The reason is that they will not take a risk in the health and nutrition of their kids, so they will check the benefits and healthiness of giving nuts to their kids once before they start planning their kids’ diet with nuts. It is not a bad idea to know the health benefits of nuts. The following are the health benefits of different types of nuts.

  • Almonds – It will help for bone building in kids. If your kid is not tolerant to lactose, then you can give your kids almonds every now and then. It contains vitamin E and that helps to improve the appearance of your kids’ skin.


  • Walnuts – It is the rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. The benefits of having this nut are, maintain cholesterol level, get a healthy heart, maintain normal blood pressure, resolve inflammation, enhance brain tissue and nerve strength and more. The best part is that walnuts will improve the memory power of kids and give shining hair.


  • Cashew nuts – We are all familiar with this nut, this rich is monounsaturated fatty acids and it benefits the heart. You can lessen the bad cholesterol level in your blood by having this nut. As well, cashew nuts will strengthen the immune system, muscles, blood and organs.


  • Chestnuts – It is the tastiest nuts of all. It helps for body building and maintains the strength of teeth and resolves the respiratory issues in kids. You can experience the enhancement of muscles and nerves by having this nut.


  • Hazelnuts – It is rich in Vitamin B and helps to regulate the digestive system, nervous system and produce healthy red blood cells. Having hazelnuts will strengthen the hair growth and gives shining hair.

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