In the current age of living we are entitled to be engaged in more physical activities and proper exposure to sunlight for a better health. Avoiding regular practices in areas similar to these certainly affect many of our lives in several ways. This can prevented by following basic set of preventive measures suggested either by a professional. One common thing nowadays is the Chronic Kidney disease which is on the rise.

Expert suggests doing the preventive measure well in advance to live a healthy life. If you think the modern day work schedule have been unkind to yourself then you should definitely work on a kidney-friendly diet. It depends on when you work and when you rest, the change in the regular food intake timing and naturally breaking the routine of our lives results in unhealthy conditions to our body.

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  1. Limit sodium in your meal plan:

The basic necessity in this preventive planner is to limit the sodium (salt) intake in our meal. Completely avoiding salt to your food when cooking or eating is suggested but you can come to that level by reducing the salt level day by day. Salt is a mineral generally found in almost all our foods.

Increase in sodium intake will make you thirst, and lead to swelling and higher blood pressure. This eventually increases the kidney damage rate higher and makes the heart to work harder. Instead of adding sodium, you may go with fresh herbs, lemon juice or other salt-free spices while cooking.

  1. Prepare a kidney-friendly meal plan:

Following a kidney-friendly meal plan is highly advisable since it leads to harmony in your life. You should also be concerned about taking the right amount of vitamins and minerals as kidney-friendly mean play may make it hard to get them. Special kind of vitamin D, folic acid or iron pill helps in preventing common side effects of the kidney disease such as bone disease and anemia.

  1. Maize – Best Herb for Kidney Problems:

It has been consumed in large quantity as it is used for its general healing powers which prevents from kidney disease. Maize is native to the Andes and Central America region but several other major players are also present in preparing and exporting to other places. Due to the vast population of India, maize exporters in India does a great job in producing enough maize products with respect to the requirements. Maize also used in women cosmetics which have been known to induce contact dermatitis in people with sensitive skin.

  1. Slow down with sugar:

It is highly common to all of us that increased sugar levels in our food results in several diseases these days. Diabetes and obesity are common among those who consider overdose of sugar. So prevent yourself by slowing down the sugar intake regularly, this enables you to safeguard yourself from kidney disease.

  1. Appreciate people who avoid processed foods:

If you are one among the many who felt hard to follow a kidney-friendly diet then here is a simple tip to get back on that diet. Simply appreciate people who reduce their intake in sugar, salt etc. Your appreciation will make them feel good and in return they will advise how you can also do it by their own learning’s. Study says “You are likely to follow a healthy diet when you spend most of your time with someone who follows a tight diet for a better health”.

Keep up with the above preventive measures and visit your doctor or dietitian for more advice on the meal plan. Researchers were working on several areas of chronic diseases, inflammation and oxidation. Oxidation is a normal process for energy production; it is a condition that occurs when the oxygen in our body reacts with fats in the blood cells.

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