Mercury movie: Speechless film leaves you dumb!



After 47 days, the Tamil Film Producer Council called off its strike and shutdown on Tuesday, allowing for new films to see the daylight from Friday. Karthik Subbaraj-Prabhudheva’s Mercury will be the first film to hit the screens after the strike. Mercury- the first silent thriller in Indian cinema is filled with sound. Those who have seen Karthik Subbaraj’s Pizza and Jigarthanda will surely want to check out his third outing Mercury. It’s touted as a ‘silent’ film, but Mercury makes you want to clap your hands to your ears, so loud it is. And the noise is relentless: cymbals clash, cars crash, empty drums fall, music blares. There are few impressive moments, many that emit yawns for its predictability. This silent one will not go unheard thank its ghostly tale. If you want to see what real silence can mean, go watch the Movie and share your thoughts with us.


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