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Believe it or not, every year roughly half the population in the world create New Year’s resolution. Most of our lives we have been told to make a new year’s resolution but never taught how to not quit the same when it hurts. Elon Musk says “If you need inspiring words, you should not do it”.

This sums up to build our own motivation that is driven by internal rewards commonly known as Intrinsic motivation. Most common New Year’s resolution is following a diet plan and you can achieve this by creating your intrinsic motivation. Just conquer this with a simple hack of maintaining a diet diary.

Beat the odds

Time flies super-fast in our lives when we try to wait for the right time to start anything. When you plan to live a life that respects your body fitness then no need to wait for any particular time. Set up a plan and prepare for the worst, big achievers always put them into risk during the training period. Psychologically you can beat odds just by getting your diet plan written on a notebook or a diary.

Buy one of the available personalized diaries online that has a motivating cover on it, you can even find diaries with leader’s image printed on top of them. Your persistence level increases when you get things on writing and added advantage is that you get to see that inspirational person every time which helps to push your boundaries and conquer the odds.

Accept the Bait

Yes, accept the bait your friend or colleague throws at you but do convert it into a positive energy. We tend to share our plan to maintain a diet with people around us and that’s a good sign. At certain point of time, you might receive improper inputs from your friends and neighbors trying to mock your idea of living under a diet plan.

These are baits that they throw at you to test your persistence. Simply reply them “Yes, it is tough to maintain a diet and at the same time it is too tough not follow a diet”. That in turn let them know that you are committed to something and once after that they will try to push you to accomplish your target.

Calorie Counter

Application stores have enough number of unique applications to suit your requirement. When it comes to fitness, there are high acclaimed apps available in any operating system. But if you want to really make it counted then get it written as well.

In order to uplift your confidence just note down the amount of calorie you burn out on a diary or a notebook. It helps to see your own growth and it will make you feel more engaged, more productive, and adds greater sense of meaning to your life.


Gone are the days where we tend to say “just put it down into paper else we might forget it”. We say this note down truly important things in our life which don’t want to take a chance. Writing helps us in unbelievable ways to make our life better, you will become emotionally aware of the situation and a less irrational decision maker.

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