Latest Wedding Trends Vs Traditional Marriage Celebrations



Whatever may be the type of wedding, whether it is a traditional wedding or latest trend wedding, but a wedding ceremony is amazing. It brings light into the life of two people. While comparing to the traditional wedding, many things have changed in the modern wedding. Due to the development of technologies, people nowadays would like to adopt new and innovative things in their wedding. Let us see a comparison between traditional and latest wedding celebrations.

Changing bride’s name

In earlier days, brides change their name after the wedding. First, they have the name of their father before the wedding and their husbands after the wedding. In traditional weddings, people consider changing the name as a legal one and it was compulsory. But, in latest weddings, name changing is not mandatory anymore.

Bridal shower

In traditional weddings, a pre-wedding event is celebrated called as the bridal shower. In this celebration, the bride’s friends and family members gather and shower the bride with gifts. In latest weddings, the bridal shower celebrations are not there and instead of this, they celebrate ‘Mehandi’, ‘Sangeeth’ etc.

Wedding invitations

Traditional wedding celebrations have a common wedding invitation. There is a practice that the wedding invitation should be designed in traditional colors only like yellow and with simple designs. But, nowadays, wedding invitations comes in different designs, colors, and styles. Also, people choose wedding cards online than from a printing company. Also, the wedding cards online have more designs and styles than traditional cards.

Wedding location

Traditional wedding ceremonies are celebrated in the own place of the bride or groom. The friends and family members of the bride and groom gather in the house and celebrate the wedding. Latest wedding celebrations use different locations for the wedding celebrations. Also, the destination wedding is more famous in the latest wedding. That is, wedding couples choose some other location and celebrate their wedding there.

Wedding photography

Traditional photography also called classic photography and it needs posing for a photograph in a sit-still manner. Also, the traditional photographs are not spontaneous, whereas the modern photography focuses on producing creative pictures where a person can feel relax. Also, in traditional weddings, photographs are taken only during the wedding ceremony. But, in latest wedding, pre-wedding photography is there. Bride and groom can take photographs before their wedding.

Rituals and Culture

In the traditional wedding, people strictly follow the culture and wedding rituals. They consider these rituals as an important practice in the wedding. On the other hand, in latest wedding, everything is contemporary.  You don’t have any restrictions or limitations.

Wedding food

Traditional wedding includes traditional foods. Latest wedding includes modern dishes and some of the weddings have liquor party. Also, in the traditional wedding, some of the people don’t follow buffet system. But, in latest weddings, most of the people choose buffet system and they consider it as an easy one.

Wedding cakes

In the traditional wedding, there is no much importance for wedding cakes rather they practice some other things. But, in modern wedding celebrations, the wedding cake is considered as an important one. Wedding couples pay more attention to the wedding cake. Modern wedding cakes are designed with excellent designs even with the pictures of the bride and groom.

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