Interesting Facts about Black Rice and Health Benefits




Have you heard about black rice and its health benefits? Most of the individual does not know about black rice. More than 40,000 varieties of rice are available but only a few are familiar to everyone. Among them, black rice is one and it refers to the rice species Oryza Staive Lindica. This is mainly cultivated in Asia and its name come from the black color of the rice kernel. It is due to the presence of the pigment called as anthocyanin.

Most rice exporters have used to export black rice in the olden days not now. It is also called as forbidden rice, purple rice, imperial rice, heaven rice, and king’s rice. It is considered as the panacea for the plenty of culinary diseases due to its curative nature and high nutritive. Mainly for this reason, it was called as long-life rice and it enhances the longevity of life. The rice exporters have several varieties of this rice.

It has a long history of cultivation in the Asian countries such as China, India, and Thailand. It is actually black in color but when you cook, it becomes deep purple in color. This type of rice is mainly used for garnishing in different kinds of foods. It is a nutritious grain and consists of flavonoids, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, magnesium, iron, etc. When compared to other rice varieties, it offers several impressive health benefits.

Health Benefits of Black Rice:

Healthiest rice among all:

Black rice is one of the rice grains, which is fully packed with nutrients such as protein, minerals, and dietary fiber content. It is the best and healthier alternative to the white rice. When compared to brown and white rice, it has lots of nutrients and health benefits.

The best anti-oxidants:

It looks much similar to raspberries, blueberries, and cranberries black or deep purple in color. The deep color of the rice shows its high anti-oxidant properties. The outermost layer of the rice comprises of the maximum level of anti-oxidant and anthocyanin. It is low in sugar and high in fiber, anti-oxidants, and vitamin E.

Fights for cancer:

It contains high levels of anthocyanin and is water soluble in nature. That means it can reach all the internal parts of the body as compared to fat-soluble antioxidants. This protects your cell from damages, which cause cancer.

Fight against inflammation:

Inflammation is the human body’s reaction to the existence of dangerous bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. Your body has the ability to heal the illness on its own but sometimes if the inflammation is severe, it cannot cure on its own. In that case, you have to take medicine but black rice is the perfect natural medicine. Its bran contains anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties in it. These act as the therapeutic agent in healing inflammation.

Protects your heart:

Black rice grain contains a high concentration of gamma oryzanol antioxidants that lower LDL bad cholesterol and triglycerides concentration from your blood. Hence, it protects you from heart disease.

Other health benefits:

  • Reduce weights
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Protect liver health
  • Improve digestive system

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