Innovative Technology in Wedding Cards – Unique Ideas



The technology has been improved dramatically in all the fields. This improvement in the technology has more advantages and disadvantages too. Now they introduced some of the new technologies in the wedding cards. The wedding cards must have some personal touch so that people will remember our wedding forever. Some of them are using innovative ideas in the wedding cards that will blow our mind. Order online wedding cards and turn your cards as technology beast.

3D Invitation Cards:

The 3D technology has been using commonly in all the fields and they are using now in wedding cards too. Surprise your friends, relatives with the 3D invitations. With a pair of 3D decoded glasses guests and friends can get looped in on double celebration they will be attending.

Balloon Cards:

Engage some fun with your wedding cards. Include the balloon with your wedding card and save the details of your special day in the balloon. Also, you can include some music with the balloon cards so that your friends, relatives will feel pleasure while opening up your card before you. For this balloon special you have to order booklet type wedding cards.

Countdown Dial Cards:

It seems boring with the ordinary invitations is it so? Then turn your normal wedding cards as countdown dial card. The card has a front wheel that the guest can turn to correctly indicate how many days are left to the wedding day itself. So, this card will be useful to remember the date of the wedding easily.

View master Cards:

Add more special things to your wedding invitations and make the day as so special. Place your wedding pictures and custom fun photography of your life in a week and send it off the view master along with the wedding cards. Friends and relatives will check out your photos and have a bit of fun.

Infographic Cards:

The infographics are really informative and interesting concepts and you can implement it in your wedding cards to impress the visitors. Do it in an infographic, and put the wedding details in the back. The 14.8cm by 42 cm long infographic, bearing vintage illustrations, is folded twice and fitted into a custom envelope will be the most memorable wedding cards and special way to express your story to your friends and relatives.

App Cards:

Many new technologies have been introduced so that we can easily reach the audience at the right time. Create a simple website for your marriage with a lot of photos and fun elements and attract the audience innovatively. You can easily calculate the presence of visitor for your wedding. Include the map of your wedding spot on the website so that you can easily track the place through the website.

Not only for inviting the people you can turn the marriage website into a memorable one by saving all your wedding photos. The reach of the smartphone is very high and many of them are even creating the android app for their wedding.

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