Agriculture is basically considered as an art which helps to effectively manage the growth of plants and animals for human use. Around the world, agriculture comprises the preparation of soil for the cultivation of crops, harvesting the crops, development of dairying and forestry. Agriculture can be branched into two types, which are Traditional agriculture and the Modern or industrialized agriculture.

Visibly the economic situation of India is unpredictable considering the recent issues. Most of the agriculture enthusiasts believe modern agriculture mechanisms alone can bring stability towards the country economic situations.

India being the second most populated country with a huge land area build up for the agriculture. Agriculture is one of earliest professions span to be the largest sector of the Indian population. India, China, and Thailand are the major players in being the best quality rice exporters in the world. Other rice, several other food grains like wheat, maize, corn, and others have also been exported in large numbers. These exporters and the crop cultivators are considered to be the backbone of the economy since they create the space to produce and make a trade out of the same.

The major impact of incorporating modern agriculture in a country like India is purely considering the growing demand for food by the world’s population. With the world’s population surpassing 7.4 billion, the demand for modern methods of cultivation increased exponentially. Utilizing the scientific advances in the latest technology, we can improvise the food production including the progress of new crop varieties, use of pesticides and fertilizers and the construction of broad irrigation systems.

The ultimate advantage of agriculture has always considered being the supply of food for human beings and animals. Other than that, below are the effects and advantages that will lead to India by employing the modern agriculture mechanisms.

Source of Livelihood – Population of India and China combined will be more than 2 billion. Many people spend their lives engaging in agriculture. All including farmers, agronomists, transporters will be benefited by adhering to the modern agriculture mechanisms.

National Revenue – Countries like India, China, Thailand and several developed countries earn most of their income from agriculture.

Economic Development – Several countries in the world have experienced the benefit of economic growth and development due to modern agriculture.

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