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Are you wondering how to get your kid to eat? Here are some of the best healthy foods preparing ideas to outsmart the picky eaters.  Making kids to eat healthy food and will assist them to stay active is one of the difficult tasks altogether. Usually, kids develop the natural preference for the food, which they are enjoying eating the most. Therefore, the challenge for health-conscious moms is to prepare healthy choice appealing.

It does matter how best your intentions are, it is always difficult to convince your kid that healthy snack is much delicious than others. There is a solution to this problem. Yes, what you have to do is? Simply cover up the healthy meals under their favorite food wrap. This will make you kid enjoying eating the healthy food and stay healthier as well.

Tips for preparing healthy foods that make your kid fall in love with

Multigrain pizza


Most of the kids love to eat pizza, as it looks colorful and delicious too. Therefore, you can start your transformation right from Pizza. Replace the regular and ordinary pizza base with the healthy multigrain base. You can even add multigrain starch by buying it from the best starch manufacturers. Instead of using ketchup, use the fresh pesto sauce and access some healthy toppings.

Lentil mushroom burgers

The burger is another favorite item for picky eater so you have to present in the healthy avatar. Try to make the patties with the mushrooms and hide some lentils in them. Next, place them between on the whole-wheat buns and serve it. Your kid will love to eat it at the first glance of its attractive appearance.

Ragi cookies

You can bring a smile on your children face with the batch of the ragi cookies. Yes, ragi is loaded with calcium that makes it perfect for kids in their initial growth stage. Interestingly, ragi turns into brown on roasting so that you can easily misrepresent it like the chocolate cookies. Even you can try raisin and oatmeal cookies.

Eggless atta cake

eggless atta cake

Yogurt, nuts, cinnamon, jaggery, and whole-wheat flour altogether will make the healthy evening snack-time cake. This will surprise your kid with a treat once in a week. With this mixture, you can even add starch, which is purchased from the best starch manufacturers in india.

Oats idly


Is your kid idly lover? Then, make the dish even healthier by roasted oats, urad dal, mustard seeds, and a pinch of turmeric. These idlies are ideal and great healthy lunch box meal.

Kiwi and melon fruit smoothie

kiwi juice

If your kid is a juice lover, then you can present the delicious and refreshing kiwi and melon fruit smoothie for summer. To prepare the smoothie, you have to blend melon, kiwi, honey, papaya, oats, and milk together. You can even serve this tasty beverage between meals or simply as the quick healthy breakfast.

Aforementioned are some of the amazing ideas to prepare healthy foods for your picky eaters.

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