How Packaging and Boxing is Important for Matchbox Business



Doing the packaging and boxing of matchbox is not an easy process it must be handled with care because if small changes happen in it, it can change to a big issue. Matchbox is made with the help of a cardboard strip or with the help of a small stick of wood and for the fire one end of the stick will be filled with a solidified flammable mixture of chemical for it to fire. To ignite the chemical that one end is truck in a hard surface which helps to produce a flame in a small amount. Safety matches will be dry and are tension free to be used. Some matches can be ignited when striking on any o the rough surface. There is another type of matches which is called as safety matches that will get fired only when it is stroked on a hard surface which contain that particular chemical.

Things Needed:

The wood which is used to produce match stick must be porous which must have the capacity to hold the chemicals. White pine and aspen are the two planks of wood used for this purpose. The sticks are drained with ammonium phosphate then they are dipped in paraffin wax.


The wooden matchboxes are cut and are moved to the storage area. When they are needed they are inserted into a belt which carries them for the further process. There they are dipped in many chemicals and made it dry and finally packaged in a box. Cardboard sticks can be processed simply.

Doing a matchbox business is a handy tool used for making fire. They are used in a wide range in lightening up the oven, kerosene, cooker, etc., these are all used in kitchen other applications involve fireplace, camp firing, to lighten up the candle, and industries, etc. You will be free from fear when you buy safety matches.

Because matches are used in many homes and almost in many industries the demand for matchbox is always high. This means the profit for matchbox is high. Safety matches will be dry and easy to be used.

There are four crores of matchboxes manufactured every day and they are the cheapest in the world. Each bundle of matchbox contains 600 boxes and individually they have 40 to 50 sticks in it. There are three sectors in the production of a matchbox

  1. Mechanized large-scale sector
  2. Handmade small-scale sector

iii. Cottage sector

  • As matchsticks are durable it demands branding to get market share. The success of a matchbox business will depend on the channel network.
  • Anyone can start a match stick manufacturing business on a small scale with high safety measures. Then you can make it in a large scale by growing days.
  • The demand for matchboxes are growing faster day-by-day.

Wrapping Up:

High income can be yield when doing a matchbox business. The only thing to be noted is your safety because it may lead to some other issue when working on it. Being more careful with the materials is more important. Buy safety matches and enjoy the lighting.


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