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Do you know? Our bones will become thinner and lose their density once we crossed certain age. Osteoporosis is a major health threat for most women and musculoskeletal conditions, such as arthritis and joint pain, are the top reason for physician visits in India. Pain, stiffness, and loss of function are the common problems associated with bones and joints. So many people are suffering from joint pains and body aches as part of aging and quietly endure the pain. This is because of changes in eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activity that results in weakness of bones and leading to severe problems like osteoporosis and arthritis. Adopt these lifestyle changes to make bones healthy and strong.

The weight is the major part in causing pains at bones and joints. We have to maintain our weight properly and the overweight may increase the chance of inflammation in our body that raises risk for developing osteoarthritis and the most common joint disorder. Go for some jogging or walking in the early morning with simple stretching exercise that keeps your body weight low and it helps you to keep out of danger from bones and joints problems.

Yoga is the best exercise for everyone to free up the muscles without the damaging the cartilage or stressing the joints. It also increases the bone strength and the stretching exercise improve the body flexibility and you can able to see the great improvement in their stiffness, pain and other arthritic symptoms by doing yoga.

Not only Yoga, all the exercise plays a vital role in building strong bones and joints and make them into a daily routine. Regular activities with bone-friendly activities help you to strengthen muscles. Calcium is must needed thing for our body to increase the necessary level of bone mass to support the structure of the body. Lack of sufficient calcium in the diet significantly increases the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Especially for some women, the calcium level is very low and it ends at risk at the time of pregnancy. Even the best paediatric hospital in Chennai recommend the necessary vitamins and minerals for women at the time of delivery without any problems at bones and joints. The bad habits also end in a lot of unknown diseases where you will feel tired and the bones will get affected by regular practices.

Get your bone density tested properly every month using x-ray test called DXA. This test measures the bone mineral density and it helps to determine the risks of osteoporosis and fracture. Doctor recommended every woman within two years of menopause. Consuming quality carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables improve the bone health naturally and increase the calcium absorption.

Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin because your body manufactures its own vitamin D with sun exposure and it is the key to helping your bones absorb calcium. Don’t skip your breakfast and if you intake the calcium-rich breakfast in the morning you will not suffer from any of the bones or joints pain.

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