Guest Blog

We not only post our own content, we welcome the talent writers who are very much interested in scribbling their own thoughts. For this, we have developed a list of guidelines. Please proceed with this! It’s not a rule, we are trying to pave a way for our users to grow and create an identity for their writing talent.

Guest Blog is like writing and publishing an article on someone’s website or blog. So, take this as an advantage, and give a quality content and reach your destination as expected.

Advantage of Guest Blog

  • To take this as an extend, you have a luxury to build the relationships with other bloggers in all around the world
  • Guest posting is a search engine friendly
  • It helps to build your online presence by creating new communities

Follow Our Guidelines

  • Avoid submitting spammy and plagiarized content. This is against our policies and also it will never get any credits from search engine because it will not recognize these kinds of content.
  • Try to give quality content, which is very informative and written with good English and proper grammar. Of course, grammar mistake is common, but try to avoid it.
  • Next, your word count for content should be of minimum 300 words and maximum 600 words; Give relevant image and the reference URL for the image.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and your keyword density should not be greater than 3.5%. Moreover, our policies constraints do not allow any duplicate content, which has been previously published at any other site.
  • Please be ensure to avoid writing topics that create controversy, promotional and personal abusing. If in any case, you’re not supposed to edit your blog if you want to change or update.
  • You can also include 2-3 sentence of author-bio and this will be published at the end of the guest post.
  • If you have not meet out our standards, DailyFolks has the rights to decline your content. For further queries, contact us at
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