Glow the Earth with These Lighting Festival Celebrations



Celebrations are common around the world. A lot of festivals and celebrations are celebrated all over the world. People in different countries celebrate their festivals in different ways. According to their culture, nature, and environment, the celebration mode varies from one place to another. Among different types of festivals, the lighting festivals are common people all over the world. People in different parts of the world celebrate different lighting festivals.

Following are some of the unique lighting celebrations that are famous in different countries.

Lighting celebrations around the world

Lantern Festival of China

This is the most world famous lighting celebration. This festival is celebrated in the first lunisolar month of the Chinese calendar. This festival is well-known for lighting celebrations and it marks the end of the Chinese New Year. In this festival, red colored lanterns are carved and made and these lanterns are hanged everywhere throughout the country.

Lanterns are found everywhere in the country like houses, buildings, parks, offices in the entire country. This is one of the most colorful festivals celebrated in China sparklers fireworks.

Festival of lights of East Pretoria

This is thanks giving festival which is celebrated in Pretoria. This is a two-month long festival that starts in November and continues until January. You cannot find any other festival as beautiful and fun as this festival. This festival includes illuminated floats, lots of singing and dancing and colorful parades.

The special part of this festival is a lot of laser light shows and carnivals are held during this festival. This spirited festival contains a number of different cultural programs and events.

Festival of Lights, Berlin

This is one of the newest celebrations of lights. This festival was started in 2005 by Birgit Zander and this festival is celebrated since then. It attracts a number of tourists and is a popular tourist attraction. This festival is celebrated in the month of October in the whole of Berlin. This is celebrated with multi hued illuminated light artifacts and involves cultural events and conventions.


This festival is similar to Diwali which involves food, candles, and prayers. This is one of the most important celebrations of the Jews. They celebrate this festival to honor their holy temple in Jerusalem. This festival is celebrated for eight years and these people celebrate this festival by lighting candelabrum with nine branched Hanukkah. In addition to this, a table full of Jewish traditional delicacies is set for a week.

Festival of Lights, Lyon

This festival is celebrated in France which is a festival of lights. This festival is celebrated for four days. The people in Lyon illuminate their window seals with candles and they decorate the whole city in an innovative way. The young and talented architects and designers get a chance to showcase their talents in an entirely new way each and every year.

Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

This festival is celebrated in Japan with lights. In this festival, colorful parades are held in the Aomori city which involves huge colorful floats with brighter lights that look colorful and excellent.

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