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Small Garden tips

Vinyl fencing is a great way to have a permanent “fence” in New Appearance. The color of the fence will never change, always ensuring an unbeatable look for your home. The initial cost of pvc fencing is more than other options such as wood, but over time you will save money.

PVC contributes to a human life easier, pleasant and safe, by offering a wide range of products that contribute to improving people’s living conditions. Of the PVC produced, around 6% is used in articles for consumption in daily life, in which it competes with traditional materials such as metals, glass, wood, etc.It is used in a wide range of articles of consumer goods, from handbags, bottles, packaging, toys, televisions, appliances, carpets, furniture, decoration, sports equipment and through fashion or work wear and safety.

It is a suitable material for consumer goods because it is:

  • Easy to convert and use in very different ways.
  • Lightweight, strong and durable.
  • Waterproof and resistant to the action of chemical products and corrosion.
  • Resistant to the attack of insects and fungi.
  • Very good acoustic, thermal and electrical insulation.
  • Relatively low energy consumption in its manufacture, transformation, and use, and long service life. This makes it provide an excellent cost-benefit ratio in economic and environmental terms.
  • It is an innovative material, which enables designers to improve products and create new ones.
  • Of competitive cost, allowing the production of good quality articles at reasonable prices.

Is it worth buying a pvc fence? 

PVC fences are light and easy to assemble. You do not have to paint or repair them every season but only rinse with water and detergent. On the other hand, they look like ordinary fences painted white or brown.

PVC fences look the most suited to wooden houses or finished with vinyl siding. They are mounted from closed profiles colored in bulk. Such plastic fences resemble traditional wooden fences. They are made of frost-resistant PVC resistant to sunlight. The chain link fencing supplies companies give a 5-6 year warranty on the durability of the color of plastic PVC fence elements.

Why is it worth using PVC fence?

Plastic fences are the simplest for self-assembly, and manufacturers offer all the accessories you need. A plastic fence resembles a wooden illusion but does not require so many tests during periodic maintenance. Simply wash it once a season with water and a cleaning agent.  You do not have to paint it or impregnate it to maintain durability and a nice look.

What does the assembly of a plastic fence look like?

The PVC fence posts have a square or rectangular cross-section. At the top, they are crowned with a decorative plug. Their height is 90 to 250 cm. The spans may be ready or intended to be assembled individually from individual elements. They are then connected with screws, dowels (invisible after assembly), or fastened at the contact, thanks to the contoured insets and expansions. The spans of PVC fences have a length of 150 to 230 cm. Metal angles are used to connect them to the posts. They can also be attached to each other using contoured handles or guide rails in the pillars.

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