From Traditional to Stylish – Best Outfits Ideas for New Year



Stylish Ethnic Outfits for New Year

Every Indian Occasion calls for new clothing.

We term as “Raising up to the occasion” holds a major part in the way you dress up for that joyous event. However, you might find yourself always on the fence, thinking about taking the traditional route or picking something trending and stylish. Luckily, you don’t have to scratch your brain on this one because we have the perfect blend of a traditional but stylish collection of clothing for you to look stunning for every occasion!

New Year brings in new beginnings and new blessings. We all have survived some insurmountable obstacles this year, and we are sure to welcome 2021 with high hopes that we should celebrate largely. Mokshaa has put together a bunch of tips and tricks to nail the Stylish Ethnic Outfits for New Year that will cover all aspects of Traditional clothing but give you the Trendy result you hope to meet, especially for Weddings:

1)Choose some eye-catching Bright Colors

Weddings and festivals are celebratory occasions where the mood is happy, bright, and joyous. To keep up with those emotions, we would recommend you to consider choosing your ethnic outfits in some bright colors. Opting for brighter shades, suit better around the ambiance of the festivities. Additionally, it helps you stand out from the crowd allowing you to flaunt yourself and be Insta-ready. So, it’s time to ditch those dull pale colors or the dark-colored outfits from your wardrobe and go bright this Wedding season.

2) Art of Balancing those Accessories

Accessories play a major role in signifying the ultimate look you want to accomplish. They are the make-it-or-break-it aspect of the overall impact of your ethnic look. In general, simple outfits can be elevated into looking grand. Choose the right accessories like bangles, jhumkas, neck pieces, and maybe even a nose pin. But you must ensure to find the right balance between what you wear and how you accessorize. Too much of anything can be overkill, with clothing, you might lose the outfit’s actual essence if paired with too many accessories. Likewise, when you wear a heavy outfit that comes with a considerable amount of ornamental work, it is smarter to choose minimal accessories, like a simple chain, stud earrings and bracelets.

3) Add on a quirky jacket or shawl

It is surprising to know all the ways you can possibly style your ethnic outfits with the right jacket or a trendy shawl. These can be paired with Lehengas, Anakarlis or even a saree if you are feeling bold. You can complete the look with traditional accessories. There is a mountain of options in styling your outfit with a jacket or a shawl. Hence, you should definitely consider adding an Indian ethnic jacket or a well-detailed Pashmina to your online Wedding Clothes shopping list.

These were some of our tips to pick some stunning outfits, so you are ready to look jaw-dropping good this Wedding Season! Check out Mokshaa’s Online Store to get your perfect Wedding look, so you can find the right balance between Traditional and Trendy. We offer some of the best range of Indian Wedding Outfits and ethnic wear that you are sure to fall in love with!

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