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Waking up to a monotonous life with a 9 to 5 job and scheduling activities to match your routine can be tough to handle overtime. A simple thought of “you only live once” or to state it in desi terms, “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” can be refreshing to a dull and boring life. Whether you are an extrovert with the adrenaline to try new things, or an introvert who is more than happy to stay at home and enjoy a movie night by yourself, vacationing is necessary to unwind from the stress of life and to take time to rejuvenate.

Take this as a sign and plan your next trip today. With the increasing amount of options for vacation homes through several platforms, it’s also become easy to pick a spot that would fit into your budget. It is now possible to experience the trip as one of the locals and not as a mere tourist. The only question you should ask yourself is,” Do you want to travel?”

We’ve put together a checklist of the best ways you can save money to travel around the world under a budget:

Prioritize –

To save, you must be able to prioritize what you need and what you can live without. If you are someone who makes note of your day-to-day and monthly expenses, you must already be aware of your important expenses and the things you can cut down on.

Each persons’ choice of living differs like some people like to live lavishly and spend on material things like living in a spacious home, buying new clothes, accessories, gourmet foods regularly. Some people may prefer to own a compact home that is efficient enough for daily use and occasional purchase of clothes and other luxuries.

With traveling, making similar choices apply, if you want to travel under a budget, you should think of the experience as the ultimate goal and everything else that comes along is negotiable. It is not necessary to cut down all the extra joy, but just enough to fit into your budget and spend wisely. Keep regular track of your day-to-day expenses with a custom diary 2022.

Research –

Certain major aspects of traveling include airfare, accommodation, and places to visit. Under these, airfare is relatively the easiest category to save money with and unless you have an alternative, air travel is widely preferred over any other mode of transport especially for overseas travel.

To make sure you get the lowest possible price for your tickets, you must put in an extra effort with the research. Knowing the airports in the destinations you wish to travel to, will also be essential as some larger cities might have more than one airport and budget airlines in such cities usually fly in and out of smaller airports.

Having a flexible itinerary can also help with choosing your flight as airfares can fluctuate depending on the demand and availability of tickets. Expand your search list over multiple websites for airfares and take note of the airlines that fly to your desired destination.

Pro-tip: Try to cut down on excess baggage and pack just enough on a carry-on for your trip, it can help you to avoid having to pay for luggage fees.

Save big on accommodation –

Fancy hotel rooms with comfortable beds, large TVs, and classy bathrooms can be greatly appealing when you travel. However, these luxuries can be cut down to a minimum, if your focus is on site-seeing more than staying in a hotel room. Here are some alternatives to your choice of accommodation:

Try staying at hostels or dorms, they may not be free but they are a cheaper option for stay.

Plan a trip to a city where you have friends or family, in addition to free accommodation, you can get a better insight on local activities to do and interesting places to go to, from them.

Staying with the locals is one of the most popular ways to travel the world on a budget by frequent travelers. Most locals are welcoming and find it intriguing to connect with foreigners and willing to host guests for free. All it takes for you is to simply ask.

Cheap travel is good for your soul and not too hard on your wallet. Don’t wait to become rich just so you can see the world. Make your list of the best places to travel on a budget and find free things to do in these locations. You can always afford to travel cheap, with a little planning in advance, a good amount of flexibility, and the right attitude, your traveling dreams can be accomplished with ease. So, grab your own 2022 diaries and start planning for your next adventure for this year!

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