Film Posters Printing – Is It Worth Place To Showcase Your Brand


Poster Printing

The movie poster is the poster used to announce a movie. In their origin they used to include significant scenes of the film or images of the main actors or their names, later the name of the director was added and sometimes a logo or representative images, or in his case, the obtained prizes. The initial use of more or less artistic illustrations within a certain variety of styles and accompanied by handwritten texts, timetables, and advertising phrases, was later replaced by photo montages and digital image designs.

Whether a film has repercussions at the box office depends on many factors. Some are even far from the big screen. The marketing and promotion of the product in the months before, during and after the premiere of a feature film, are becoming increasingly necessary for a production to reach as many viewers and movie theaters as possible and thus make the investment of the films more profitable. Producers.

One of these tools to attract the viewer before and during the premiere of a tape is the signage. The poster printing has been linked to the seventh art since its inception. These have been accustomed to reflect the different concepts of artistic representation of each era associated with the historical epoch in question.

The poster of a film is one of its main visual elements to attract by different codes and visual and written languages, to the spectators so that they decide to consume this cinematographic production.

Brochure printing also plays an important role in the showcase of the brand as brochure print gives a brief intro about the product.

Being one of the main pieces of visual communication, the Spanish cinema has experienced in the last decades an important concern for the improvement of the posters of its films. It is precisely in recent years, when the spectators have been able to enjoy a spectacular evolution of the posters of Spanish films.

Where are the movie posters used?

  • The use of the poster is common in the exterior and interior exhibitors of movie theaters and in all types of billboards. The same images appear in the film’s press release, street advertising, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, etc.
  • Movie posters are an effective means of advertising
  • The fact that the poster continues to be used for more than a century, seems to support the validity of this advertising model, perhaps because of its symbolic value and as a reference to the mind of the spectator
  • A poster also gives a brief overview of the movie. As it is the first thing that comes in front of an audience before releasing of the movie. So movie poster must be attractive.


Some of the disadvantages of offset printing are:

  • The putting in the machine is complicated and expensive.
  • Inks can cause repainting if they are not allowed to dry sufficiently.
  • You cannot manipulate the work until after 24 hours.
  • There may be color instabilities during the run.
  • All printed copies must be the same. Cannot be customized

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