Festival Of Forgiveness – Importance Of Jain Festivals



Festivals play the significant role in all the religious to make the enjoyment memorable forever with sharing lot happiness. Those people who are Jainism religion festivals characterized by austerities, meditation, express devotion for the Paramatma, holy hymns, renunciation, etc.

Paryushan Mahaparva

The Paryushan is one of the significant festivals in the Jain religion each Chaturmas begin on the twelfth day of the fortnight waning moon Bhadrapad as well complete on the fourth day fortnight Bhadrapad waxing moon. In the eight days, the whole Jain community fascinated with huge felicity and enthusiasm. The entire Jains, everyone do Atthai Tap quickly for eight days and some religious men and women takes the promise of Paushadh Vrat for eight days. Besides, the spiritual preceptors speak out and describe the Kalpasutra most sacred scripture to the Jains. The entire members focus on the explanation and overwhelmed with the strong emotion and devotion. Samvatsari Mahapava is the celebration of annual festival everyone listens to the holy voice and spiritual preceptors while they explain 1250 basic Sutras do Samvatsarik Pratikraman for looking people forgiveness hates or nurse grudge.

Navpad oli

Deal with austerities below section in the festival time each day the worship provided to the Navpad along with the dramatic performance of the Shripal story and Maryana performed.

Mahavir birthday

The fireworks online shopping is the right choice for the Jainism people to buy preferred crackers at a reasonable price. Now, you can celebrate the Jain festival with blissful crackers and add lighting to make cherish in the whole celebration. The Shraman Bhagwan birthday that the last Tirthankar will celebrate on the fortnight thirteenth day of the waxing moon Chaitra month. On the event, the grand chariot demo, discussions, seminars, community worship, discourses, glorification of the Lord, and spiritual and devotional actions organize. On a special day, the wonderful celebration occurs Kshatriy Kund specifically in the Bihar due to the Mahavir Bhagwan born there.


Diwali is the grand celebration of the Jain religion Kartik new-moon day. On the night, the festival day Mahavirswami achieved Nirvan or relief to state bliss. The Lord removed the body as well bondage of the entire Karmas on the night at Parvati achieved deliverance or Mukti. Everyone celebrates the Diwali festival with different kinds of sweet items and crackers for making the day extremely special. The fireworks online shopping provide special offers to buy the crackers at best price and instant delivery at the doorstep. Now, you don’t wait for anymore and don’t bother about the celebration with buying high-quality crackers. People also have a lot of expectations and spend more time in the spiritual holy hymns and Uttaradhyayan Sutra. The whole Diwali night spent in the meditation on Shraman Bhagwan Mahavir along with early morning New Year first day Ganadhar Gautam Swami is the first devotee of Lord Mahavir achieved absolute enlightenment. Moreover, the Jains start the new year with Lord Gautam Swami glorification and listen to the nine Stotras of holy hymns and auspicious Rasa of Gautam Swami from the Guru Maharaj.

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