Life gets interesting when you have a festival around the corner. Isn’t it? Recently I read an article on Quora that a woman wanted to travel solo as she is depressed due to her work. Around the world one common magic people follow is to fire crackers on various festival celebrations. Though there is no proof to who have invented the crackers but as a majority it is said to be the Chinese. Things like these help us slightly get away from work pressure and have a bit of joy in our life.

Firecrackers are something we love to celebrate our festivals with for sure, but why? Places and religions may vary but the common point all of us have is that it makes the evil spirit afraid. For example, India celebrates Diwali – The Festival of Lights to reflect the destruction of the evil Narakasuran. Follow along and experience how fireworks celebrations are enjoyed around the world.


On every 4th July, United states of America light up their country to celebrate their independence from the British Empire in the year 1776. They display their joy with fancy fireworks coloring the dark sky from New York to Las Vegas. A series of mesmerizing fireworks show will take place. Places including Niagara Falls and the people conclude the day with barbecues among families and friends.


The Pacific Ocean island nation JAPAN celebrates its historic heritage in the month of August. With their typical art form in place they commemorate the festival with fireworks and pyrotechnics. Unlike the west Japanese people dress up in traditional costumes and the best display of the same can be found in Sumida River, Tokyo.


Another South Asian country that is highly acclaimed for using the fireworks is INDIA. Being the second most populous country in the world, India has a huge demand of fireworks for the mega celebrations of “Festival of Lights”. Thanks to their own exporters, especially from Sivakasi which produces 70% of India’s firecrackers and matches. It is reported but no proof that the lights of Diwali celebrations is visible from space.


Fireworks have been closely associated with festivals throughout the world and people light up the crackers for several other of their own celebrations. On the other hand, collectively as human we all have the responsibility to keep the birds and animals unhurt from our firework celebrations.

That is when the real joy is present, where we ensure ourselves to bring the impact on our environment due to festivals of these kind. At last, have a blast with the best fireworks irrespective of where you live in this world.


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