Emotional experience of writing diaries – Men vs Women


Writing Diary

There are different types of emotions in the world and the way of expressing the emotions is also very different. Both men and women have their own emotions and the capability of handling that emotions are the challenging one for both of them. Men’s are different from women in all aspects while expressing their emotions. Many men can’t able to express the emotions and their feelings properly and thus leads to the mental stress and some health issues.

Women’s are very strong in handling the issues at various conditions. They will not express their inner feelings or emotions properly and directly but they will forget easily and react for it as per current situations. Men’s are facing so many problems in daily routine because they are handling many different peoples in the working environment. Also, many of them are staying away from home for their career so they have to face more problems like food, water, staying especially money.

Married men’s will have more responsibilities in this competitive world must handle lot of problems in home and working environment. Finance problem is one of the major problem in the India as per source and every man need to live a luxurious life with this highly priced government. Work stress is the major part in men’s life and they are hardly facing this issue to lead a happy life.

Women’s have certain roles and responsibilities and they are equally emerging with men in all the fields. Their problems are very different and some may not have the proper solutions. In current scenario women’s safety is very important and they must be strong mentally and physically.

So how to express our feelings or emotions? Our heart is not a storage place for all these emotions. If we not to handle our emotions properly it may lead to mental problems or heart attack. Throw your emotions immediately by writing diaries, spending time with families, reading interesting motivational books, listening music and more. Order 2022 online diaries and start express your emotions through writing and it will refresh your mind, heart also it helps you to improve your communication skills when you start writing in English.

Watching movies is also one of the great stress relief entertainment. Go to nearby theatres and watch out the recent good movies with the crowd and you will be refreshed within 3 hours. You can also watch movies in laptop or system or in television. The best way to express all our emotions is to plan for a travel. Get out from this daily routine machine life and plan a trip with your family members or friends and enjoy the whole week without any commitments. This will help you to stay refreshed for a year by remembering those sweet moments.

Women’s may avoid stress by spending time in cooking, outing with child or family members, shopping in weekend will refresh their mind easily. Whatever the emotions just share with anyone else and feel free to lead a healthy peaceful life.

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