Drawing Your Own Destiny – How to Design a Job You Love?



When I was about 20 years I had multiple ideas about my career but I mentioned each one to be my aim. But I never knew what exactly I will have to do for the best career. I chose to be an Indian and decided to prepare for it and by that time I finally knew what was the thing I craved the most for. Well, I was not able to concentrate on studies as I was not giving my time in planning things which is what I needed to earn not just to make rough plans for trips but also to maintain a budget of the month and the idea to improve my skills I always planned for it but I never executed. Planning things was my favorite but I was too confused about how will I get a job for simply planning things and executing it.

I was already enrolled as a student in the school of computers but was sure I need a definite job once I complete the course and go. But my mind flattered towards dancing and the other fact was that I had people telling me to learn HP LoadRunner training to acquire a job easily in the market. But I wanted the job which needed much of my skills being used in it not just the thing which I learned forsake. Well, my skill was planning but not working it out so I decided to do something with it.

Recruiting Firm:-
I had an IT company calling me for the interview and they were with full of questions to ask but with the first response they choose to appoint me with the answer which is actually inappropriate for the question.

They appointed me as the planning executive in their company and there I stood and knew my value of planning skill. I did my first planning and sketched it all out which gave high profit to my company and I was promoted in a higher level in the planning department.

How to shine and decide the destiny:-
Once you find out something much interesting for you and been done by you the best way for a long period of time. And you don’t feel your life to be complete without it. Then you have something special in you about the one in which you are well interested. It may be drawing, programming, singing etc., but each and every skill has a bright future to shine if you fix it in your mind once.

I decide my destiny and by this way, I also planned to design my own company for which I appointed many skilled ones in executing and managing it. This is was the way I recognized my things but now it’s time for everyone to decide their future.

This is was the way I being a person designed my skills and sort out ways for it. Have the courage and do best in the skill you have and never the thing you have nothing in you to establish. Each one has their own talent.

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