Do You Think Java Is Outdated As Per Current Trend?


Java Outdated

Java is an object-oriented programming language. The latest version of Java is Java 11 which was released in September 2018. The most web browser supports Java applets to run within the websites. Many back end code for websites are written in Java. Java Enterprise edition is solely used for this purpose. There are many other applications that run using Java. Java is used to create desktop GUI applications using modules like swing, abstract windowing tools, and Java FX. For example, if a grocery shop needs a desktop application to calculate and provide bills to the users, Java desktop applications come handy. Some of the major IDE’s used are Netbeans, eclipse.

Java is used in a majorly important area which is mobile application development. JAVA micro edition (Java ME or J2ME) is a cross-platform framework used to build applications that run in devices which support Java. Android applications are also created with Java. It is usually written using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). In the current scenario, most people have a smartphone. So many websites have a dedicated Android application to make users life easier. The number of applications available in the play store is in millions. And the application development is still continuing to grow. So Java is definitely not outdated.

Java Enterprise edition is used in back end coding for websites. It is used to create dynamic web pages using the concepts servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) etc., Servlet is complete Java programming for which strong programming knowledge is required. But JSP allows us to mix static HTML coding with dynamically generated servlets which is more powerful than PHP.JSP is easy to learn. Regular HTML pages will only provide static content. It doesn’t accept input from users and react based on it. Hence JSP and servlets are popular.

A scripting language based on Java is JavaScript. It is easier to learn. Most websites use Javascript which makes the web pages interactive. Also, most web browsers have a dedicated Javascript engine to execute it. Another important feature is Ajax. It’s called Asynchronous JavaScript and XML which is also used in web application development. It allows the web pages to dynamically communicate and update the web page without a full page refresh. JSON, JavaScript object notation is a syntax for storing and transmitting data.

Java has a plugin which is a software product developed by Sun Microsystems which allows web browsers to direct java components in websites to run using Java run time environment.

If a person is new to programming environment then they can choose on the other languages like python. That doesn’t mean Java is outdated. There are many other pieces of training available other than Java programming like jmeter training in chennai, QTP training in chennai. Java is widely spread and used. Even though there are many new programming languages evolved, Java is not yet outdated.


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