Cultural celebrations – Importance of traditional festivals


Cultural celebrations

Festival celebrations

Festival is a word that brings a lot of joy and happiness to the people. This is the reason why people all over the world love and celebrate various festivals in a year. The festivals that are celebrated all over the world differ according to the nature, culture and traditions of the people. Different types of cultural celebrations and traditions become the festivals nowadays. The various cultures and traditions followed by the people all around the world leads to different festivals.

Importance of traditional festivals

Among various types of festivals, the cultural and traditional festivals celebrated by the people always occupy an important role. This is because such festivals clearly depict the culture of the people and traditions that they follow for a long period. Most of the traditional festivals celebrated in different parts of the world, involves some strict cultural practices and traditions.

Each and every cultural or traditional festival is celebrated by a certain group of people who follows a certain culture or tradition. They involve together in the festival celebrations and follow their rituals and traditions on the festival day. Although there are a lot of known traditional festivals, there are also some unknown traditional festivals celebrated in the world.

Unknown traditional festivals

Some of the unknown traditional festivals of the world

Full moon light festival of Thadingyut

This festival is a traditional and unknown festival of Burma. The people in Burma celebrate this festival in the Burmese month of Thadingyut. The Burmese people are happily engaged in doing all of this and are enjoying the sunny, cool and dry weather.

Cuba’s fire festival

Cuba adopt this festival over a century wit h its soulful music and culture. One can taste its enigmatic artistry through the annual Fire Festival or Fiesta el Fuego. This fire festival is celebrated on first week of July every year and it is celebrated in the most exotic city of Cuba, the Santiago de.

It was originally conceptualized in the early 1980s to showcase the fusion of the Haitian, Jamaican, French and Spanish influences on Cuba. Now, it has become a venue for preserving the culture of the Caribbean region.

Chinese spring festival

The origin of the Spring Festival in China is a history of about 4000 years. It is the most popular folk, and one of the most solemn festivals in China. This festival is celebrated by the people to celebrate the arrest of an ancient ferocious beast “Nian”. They believe that every year the beast visit their place and they want to threaten it with red paper and fireworks.

The twelfth lunar month 30th night of a year, people paste red paper at the door, and constantly pounding on drums. Also, people buy sparklers fireworks online and firecrackers at the same time lighted a candle through the night at the house.

Music festival Oman

The Muscat Festival is one of the traditional festivals of Muscat established in 1998. People in Oman celebrate the traditional music, art and handcrafts of Oman on this festival. The Festival draws a large number of tourists to Muscat each year. The primary aim of the festival is to celebrate the cultural heritage of Oman.

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