Causes of Bloodshot Eyes – How to Treat Them?



Eyes are the mirrors of your soul and the bloodshot eyes are the mirrors of your health, which clearly throws out the signals that something is going to happen in your eyes or in other parts of your body. For this, the itchy eyes, inflamed and red sport on your eyes could be the first sign of the condition that may have a real impact on your vision.

Why You’re Sporting Bloodshot?


The allergic reactions not only make your eyes feel bay but also trigger your eyes for itchiness, tender, blotchy kind of redness and watery. When does it happen? Usually, it becomes very worse when your body’s natural immune system overworks or has an excessive response to a harmless stimulus. This redness will start fade away once you visit the best eye hospital in Chennai, but it takes a while depending on the severity of your allergy.

How to Treat This?

  • Splash your eyes with water or use a cool compress on them to reduce the inflammation of your eyes.
  • Wash your eyes with saline solution- a mixture of salt and water.
  • Apply rose water to prevent irritation

Pink Eyes

This bacterial, viral or allergy-induced infection leave your eyes in bright red, swollen, teary and itchy. It’s quietly a dangerous condition, which will easily spread to your neighbours and keep your away from work for several days and turn your eyes with pink-red messes and goopy.

How to Treat This?

  • Take zinc supplements in your diet protect your vision and improve the eyesight
  • Apply cold compresses to your eyes
  • Flush your eyes out regularly with clean water
  • Get a maximum of 8 hours sleep
  • Hydrate well to help speed your recovery


Wondering right? Cool, it’s nothing but a small red bump that forms on your eyelid or below the eye. You might think that it resembles a pimple but it might emerge with the sign of redness along with the swelling and sensitivity. Luckily, it doesn’t affect your vision but if you try to pop it up that can worsen up your condition even more. So, if you suffer from the style visit your nearby ophthalmologist who may prefer you a perfect antibiotic ointment to ease your pain.

How To Treat Them?

  • Use a warm compress or tea bag
  • Clean your eyelid with the mild soap and water
  • Avoid using makeup and wearing contact lenses

Contact lens Irritation

Contact lens can prevent enough oxygen from reaching your eyes, leaving you with bloodshot and irritated peepers. If the lenses are worn too long or worn while sleeping, they can cause redness, infections, and in worst-case situations corneal ulcers.

How To Treat Them?

Cleansing them properly, practising good contact lens hygiene, and taking them out before you fall asleep. These are the recommended practices for wearing contact lens.

Subconjunctival Hemorrhage

It usually happens when a blood vessel under your eye surface breaks and thus it gets trapped and forms a bright red patch inside your eye. Don’t get fret out, its just a normal condition and likely won’t affect your vision or cause any pain, swelling, and discharge.

How To Treat Them?

Because of its benign nature, there is no need for home remedies for most subconjunctival haemorrhage condition.


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