Bind Your Mini Scrapbooks – Innovative Ideas



Scrapbook is something that every one of us has made at least once in our lifetime. Now if we talk about binding methods of these scrapbooks, there are many. It is up to you that what type of binding you would like. One of the options is that their mini scrapbooks can be professionally bound. This simply means binding them in a proper marketable manner. Though this method is an expensive one but such professionally bound scrapbooks from book printing in Sivakasi are ordinarily tidy and such binding can be done in huge quantities.

Handcrafted binding is another binding method. This is one of the most creative and attractive methods of binding. The readily available household material can be used for binding purposes. Sewing method is the most famous method when it comes to handcrafted binding. However, it is time-consuming, as the cover pages are made first and the rest of the pages are slipped in after gluing the spine. But once you get used to such methods you need not worry about the time.

Moving on to the gluing method, it does not involve sewing. This method works best in the case; one has equipment that can be used to hold the sheets together. Such equipment can be purchased from the market and can also be made out of scraped things. If you want to make one on your own, the new concept of DIY, do it yourself then all you require is scrap lumber and two locking pliers or vice grips. The sheets are placed between the device and hard glue is used to stick them together.

Wire binding or spiral binding is one of the latest and most popular methods of binding. Spiral binding is in demand nowadays. Individuals prefer spiral binding to the conventional perfect binding methods. If you want to try something new and fancy, you must go for spiral binding. In this method holes are punched on the sheets that are up for binding usually on the left-hand side and then a coil is passed through such punched holes making it appear like a spiral that is why it is termed as spiral binding.

There are a lot many options that are available for binding your mini scrapbooks. But it is you who has to choose accordingly. Many factors are to be taken into consideration. Budget plays an important role in choosing such methods. Not only the budget but, time consumption is equally important. If you need the professional finish for the binding of your scrapbook then you can visit the notebook printing new trends in printing emerging in a way as more. Professional help can also be taken when the mass quantity is unmanageable, so the compiling process can be done at printing shops. Rest things depend on your requirement. If you want a hard or leather cover in such cases, seeking professional help is a smart option.


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