Avoid junk foods – Must needed items in the diet chart


avoid junk foods

Junk foods usually contain higher calories. These are prepared and processed in a way that looks more appealing and enjoyable in terms of the taster. They are quicker and easier to make. Though not all fast foods are junk foods, a great number of them are. Junk food gained popularity because they not only tasted great but were also cheaper than the healthier foods. Frequent intake of junk foods like french fries, pizzas, donuts, sugary drinks etc. increases fat and cholesterol content in the body and the presence of processed sugar lead to a higher risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases among other chronic health problems. Many diet nutrient specialist suggests that consumption of junk food affects the brain in the same way as consuming addictive drugs. There are thousands of reasons to avoid junk foods and go for a better healthy diet chart.

Instead of consuming beverages like Pepsi and cola, prefer to take lime water. The citrus fruit adds a zest that will excite the bland taste of water, and it also provides Vitamin C and cancer-busting flavonoids. An organic yogurt is the best substitute for flavored ice creams. Yogurt contains an essential amount of calcium and it improves the digestive system. Candies contain sugars with no protein, vitamins, and minerals, or fiber. Consuming candy will increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay. Dried fruits are best alternatives to candy, though they may not taste as candy it provides all the necessary nutrients to the body.  Here we see some of the healthy Indian foods for morning and evening.

We all know that Indian food tops the charts when it comes to nutrition. Rawa Upma, cooked with fresh vegetables, spices, lentils, aromatic nuts and curry leaves. An addition of grated coconut at the top makes it an impeccable morning meal. Uttapam is the Indian version of pancakes. Together with rice, urad daal, and spices to make a creamy batter. On to the pan, topped with onions, tomatoes and curry leaves. Uthappams are very healthy and tastier to eat. Poha, a favorite Indian recipe, with peas and some roasted groundnuts to the mix and top it with grated coconut for a wholesome brunch. There is breakfast mix online which are easier to prepare and mix with your favorite breakfast food. They provide all necessary nutrients and delicious taste.

Roasted Chana is one of the most common Indian snacks in the evening. It is rich in fiber content and also low in glycemic index and in calories. Corn is loaded with antioxidants and fiber, which help in detoxification of the body and also keep your stomach full. Red chili powder contains capsaicin that keeps your weight in check and aids in faster weight loss. Sprouts, which are rich in proteins and fiber. You can use chana, moong or Bengal gram sprouts. They are low in calories and high on fiber which will keep you full for a long time.

These are some best alternative to avoid junk foods and stay healthy.

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