13 Facts about Pregnancies – Pregnancy Secrets Revealed


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Pregnancy is an exciting and amazing journey where there are so many changes happening to your body & unexpected surprises can pop up. Yes, morning sickness, labor pain, mood swings, and there’re a lot to bring those little lives to the world.

A pregnant woman’s body goes through some incredible changes. From developing freckles to inconsistent cravings, a few pregnancy facts may sound strange and even distressing. We have mentioned such weird facts that you may or may not already know.

At the very beginning stage, many of them feel nauseous, and it subsides between 12 and 14 weeks. It happens because the placenta begins producing hormones of its own at this time.

If you have undergone IVF or any other fertility treatment from the best fertility specialist in chennai, there may be the higher chance of carrying twins or even more babies because at this stage, more eggs are released or implanted than the natural conception.

The blood vessels transport more oxygen not only to the fetus but also to all the involved organs. These changes occur due to many of the symptoms of early pregnancy, such as dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness, cravings, bloating, frequent urination, constipation, and extreme fatigue.

During the final trimester, you may get vivid dreams or nightmares. There is no scientific explanation, but psychologists believe it’s your subconscious dealing with fears and insecurities about birth and motherhood.

Due to the higher blood volume consumption, your heart will increase in size. In addition to this, your ankles and feet also swell up.

With too many hormonal changes around your body, it’s not surprising that there would be some changes. Accordingly, the rise in estrogen and progesterone can cause swelling of the vocal cords, which makes your higher notes slower down and lower ones might not appear.

At the time of pregnancy, your body may experience some stretch marks which are usually paler than healthy skin. In addition to this, women can also get melasma, which causes dark splotchy spots that appear on the face and stomach.

Your baby can eat foods in the womb itself. Yes, intense flavors such as garlic can pass through the amniotic fluid so that your baby can taste them. Also, when a pregnant mother drank a lot of carrot juice, their babies can become more likely to develop a taste for it.

This fact makes me more shocked. Yes, do you know your little one starts crying long before birth? Before birthing, babies started to cry in the womb itself as early as 28 weeks – this is a form of practice communication rather than a reaction to feelings.

Some of the hormonal changes disrupt pregnant women’s taste and smell receptors and thus lead them to crave strange foods. Be aware of that, because while craving fast food items, your baby gets insufficient nutrients. For example, craving of meat may result in the deficiency of iron.

More than 60% of pregnant women may experience swelling in their hands due to the fluid present in the tissue. As a result, it may cause pressure on nerves, itchy, and numbness in hands and fingers.

That’s it, guys! Along with the facts mentioned above, there are quite a few mysteries and myths surrounding pregnancy. So pass your pregnancy days with awareness and knowledge and seek help from the best fertility hospital in Chennai and react on those weird things.

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