10 Incredible Uses Of 3D Printing. Is It Worth?



Nowadays, 3D printing is used in many fields. It has a wide range of applications over a number of industries. This is due to the innovative and creative designs and techniques used in this 3D printing process. It has a number of uses in industries such as

  • Architecture
  • Custom art
  • Manufacturing and
  • Design

Most of the printing and binding services in Sivakasi make use of 3D printing. This is an innovative concept which involves the process of making three-dimensional solid objects. Not only printing and binding industries but also a number of other industries make use of 3D printing.

Uses of 3D printing

Some of the top 10 uses of 3D printing are

  1. Architecture

The application of 3D printing in architecture industry is an important one. In architecture industry, 3D printing is used for creating concrete building designs which are heavily used by real estate industries and builders. By using the 3D designs, builders can draw up their needed construction model.

  1. Digital artists

Most of the digital artists today tend to use 3D printing technologies for their design purpose. The models of 3D printing are utilized by the artists for their art.

  1. Fashion designing

Fashion designing industry gains a lot of advantages from 3D printing. The important aspect for a fashion designer is the design. By using 3D printing software and printers a designer can create an innovative design for different dress models.

  1. Food industry

3D printing is even used in food industry also. In this industry, 3D printing is used for creating a variety of designs of food products. Some food companies use 3D printing models for giving different shapes to the food materials and it is a trend today.  

  1. Car manufacturing

3D printed cars are a trend now. Most of the car manufacturing companies use 3D design software for developing different model cars for their customers.

  1. Skull creation

This is an incredible and unknown application of 3D printing. The skulls that are created with 3D printed designs are one of the peculiar objects on this list. One surprising fact is that this 3D printed skull can be implanted in a person’s head by hospitals in Netherlands.

  1. Toys manufacturing

This is a common use of 3D printing technology. In toys manufacturing 3D printing, designs are used to make different types of toys and miniatures. These types of miniatures of 3D printing are loved by most of the users.

  1. Printing and binding industry

Another common use of 3D printing is in the printing and binding industries. These industries get more benefits from 3D printing.

  1. Art and jewelry

The jewelry industries make use of 3D printing for developing beautiful and attractive designs for the jewels.

  1. Computers and robotics

3D printing can even be used for creating laptops and computers and even for robots. Some of the open-sourced robots are built by using 3D printing.

Thus 3D printing establishes its roots in most of the important industries around the world.

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